Vivo X50 Pro Gimbal Camera Review: Game Changing Camera?

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The Vivo X50 Pro comes with an actual gimbal inside the camera that the company claims changes the way you take photos with the 48MP quad camera. We put this camera system to test, comparing the relevant aspects with the competition and even the DJI OSMO 2.
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Nayak says:

Gymbal 💀💀💀

Jalaj Lochan says:

Kitna paise liye Vivo se…
OnePlus se compare kar rahe🤣😂🤣
Cheap mediocre 😂🤣

piyush kingaonkar says:

Didn't u take a bath before shooting this?? Muh to dho lete!!
Good review and comparison though!!

Fp. says:

Vivo was only gimmick

Gurdeep Singh Azad says:

If you need that much perfect camera you purchase it separately but buy a good phone instead

Sam Bahadur says:

गिम्बल, not जिम्बल

Reality check says:

Zimm-bal or Gim-bal

Amol Shedge says:

Its gimble Nt zimble…

Girish Mani says:

Bro give some ampal time to see the pics

Sagnik Karmakar says:

OnePlus 8 pro is the best…

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