vivo X50 Pro camera review – king of versatility | gimbal stabilisation compared with iPhone 11 Pro

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vivo’s latest smartphone hopes to redefine photography. Yup, we are talking about the #vivoX50Pro #PhotographyRedefined. The X50 Pro has a quad camera stack on the rear and another camera punched into the display on the front for selfies.

Now, we started using the phone thinking I’ll do a camera comparison for you guys. But, the more I delved deep into the camera settings, I realised I was staring down a pile of features that I had to unravel first. Therefore, after a long time, here’s a standalone camera review of a phone that deserves it.


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Trideeb Patra says:

Does it have focus peaking?

Yogananda Reddy says:

Gimble ok but what about the camera quality?

Parth Malani says:

a suggestion. keep the intro music volume at the same level as ershad talking.

FB Kensar HD says:

@09:37 – Look at the buildings in the Op8 pro.
Something weird is going on.. seema like an inconsistent exposure.. o.O

FB Kensar HD says:

@03:58 – iPhones have traditionally always had GARBAGE audio quality in their videos, heck they didn't even have STEREO AUDIO until recently. 😂

FB Kensar HD says:

That is misinformation – the imx598 is NOT 1/2 inch.
It is much larger


SD 765 at 50K pricetag is non justifiable MRP.

DADO says:

In design terms LG velvet is by far phone of the year,all those who disagreed are bias or blind.If not notch on the front velvet would be even better than legendary lg ke 850 aka platinum chocolate.

No Curtains SD says:

Some features are good no doubt…But
Don't you think 50K ₹ for SD765G, weak Front n wide Camera are Justified ?
Who runs so much n records video…?
Faaltu ki Lootmari hai

OM Bhojwani says:

id think it is worth to spend to 50k just for that gimble

Gaurav Jha says:

So ViVo have been doing R&D from the past 2 years…💁🏻‍♂️

Saptarshi Sengupta says:

Great cameras in its price!!! Only the sd765 might be an issue!!!

Fresher Tiprasa says:

Winner winner iPhone brang

Rohan Mehta says:

What is the COP technology they've used for the bottom bezel , they've mentioned on the product page

অবুজ বালক says:

4k 60fps video not supported vivo x50 pro

Techy Rajat says:

Gimbal stablization during video mode and the Natural colours picture taking is just awesome 👌👌✔✔

abhijit divakar says:

hi,i want to upgrade my vivo nex phone,can i go with vivo x 50 pro or nt,camera is my main priority and selfi camera mainly,and need flagship phone,any another alternative,my budget nt beyond 60k,can i go with oppo find x2 or vivo v19 bt v19 is nt flagship phone so i am confuse ur suggestion is important for me, please give ur suggestin which phone is better for me…

Saumyadip Kumar says:

5:10 you are wrong. When faster shutter speed is used stability features like gimble, tripod are useless. You can easily do a handheld 1/2000 pic in a mobile which has focal length around 35mm. Only if you are using very high focal length like a 500mm or higher you need some kind of stabilization for a fast shutter speed sports shot.

super hero says:

Awesome camera😊😊

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