Vivo V15 Pro Hands on Review: Pop up selfie camera makes us smile

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Vivo knows it’s onto a winner with the cool motorized camera seen on the Vivo Nex S, and has now incorporated a newer version of the technology into the V15 Pro — its latest camera phone that’s packed with other desirable features too. We’ve tried the phone, and its impressive cameras.

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Vivo has gone all out with the front camera on the V15 Pro. It has a massive 32 megapixels, and emerges from the top right of the body. Vivo has enabled face unlock, which works alongside an in-display fingerprint sensor. We’ve used face unlock with a pop-up camera before on the Oppo Find X, but it was a feature missing from the Nex S. The camera is ready to go and the screen unlocked all in less than two seconds, and it’s activated by swiping up on the lock screen. It disappears again almost before you’ve had a chance to register it was there at all.

We’d say it’s slightly slower than face unlock on a Huawei phone like the P20 Pro, but more reliable, and about the same as face unlock on the iPhone XS, just less secure. There are no fancy 3D sensors here, just a camera. For higher levels of security you have the in-display fingerprint sensor, another area where Vivo innovated before many others. The technology is steadily improving, and in our short time with the phone, this 5th generation sensor is faster and more reliable than many others we’ve used.

It’s good to see some thought go into making it look as stylish as possible, disguising the phone’s mid-range position. We like the look of the V15 Pro a lot, and find it easy to hold. The V15 Pro is 8.2mm thick, and weighs 185 grams. Vivo hasn’t removed the headphone jack from the body either, but has taken the bizarre decision to use a separate slot on the body for a MicroSD card, rather than using a hybrid tray for it and a SIM card in the SIM tray.



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PSA de Lachute says:

The selfie camera ? That's a cute feature 👎🏽
What if that little motor breaks🤨…
It might always stick in or out😮, unless you $$$$$ to have it fixed. 😡

Moslem Society says:

Sosial eksperimen about people ini ku chanel

Brainstorming Plus says:

FULL SCREEN – notchless, etc., is definitely the way forward!

Brainstorming Plus says:

Absolutely well done to vivo and definitely keep it up!

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