Vivitar Vxx14 Digital Camera review Good Starter Youtube Camera $39.99 Walmart budget section

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Snap a selfie!

The compact, lightweight Vivitar ViviCam VXX14 Digital Camera combines a 20MP sensor with HD 720p video. Selfie users will enjoy the bright 1.8″ LCD screen that flips out and rotates a full 180-degrees to face forward. The fixed 7mm f/3 lens utilizes 4x digital zoom to zoom in on nearby subjects. Additionally the built-in flash helps increase your image quality when shooting in low-light conditions, and the camera runs on three convenient AAA batteries.

Key Features:

20.0 Megapixel Still Images:
Produce images with an impressive 20.0 megapixel resolution for prints with plenty of detail.

1.8-inch Tilting LCD Display:
The 1.8-inch tilting LCD display features sharp, natural color that makes it easy to compose shots, read menus, and view photos and videos. The LCD screen conveniently flips and rotates for perfect selfies of you and your friends!

720p HD Movies:
Capture video with 1280 x 720 resolution. Never miss a moment with 30 frames per second movie mode.

SDHC Storage up to 32GB:
You’ll be able to store hundreds of high-quality photos and videos with SDHC memory up to 32GB.

Uses AAA Batteries:
For extra convience, the Vivicam VXX14 also powered by 3 common AAA batteries.


Josie Torres says:

Where can I get those batteries

Hannah Witt says:

Ur dumb no it's not cheap use your stupid senses u idiot yes use it for YouTube not like anyone like you so use a cheap camera does it matter

NomadicSheep50 says:

Why did the cat have to show us his (or her, I am an equal opportunity scrutinizer) velvet cheerio.

Ghost Panther says:

The selfie function is only useful for me to see what I'm recording, so I can know how much on the camera I am (bad habits of not having myself in the view

Savage Wolf 180 says:

Not so bad for $40

robert franklin says:

If you're gonna do camera reviews do a better job of covering the setup/programming of the camera. I have NO idea whether or not the time & date can be set on this particular unit, but I saw a lovely pic of your cat. Thanks just a pantload!

thornwivans says:

thanks …the camera sounds like a cheap camera…better off with yr phone

Christina Marie says:

I got this camera not too long ago because I really wanted one but could only afford a cheap one and everything is alright however when I recorded a video there was no audio so if anyone out there could help me with this little issue I would really appreciate it, thanks!!

Gibly 3244 says:

I'd say its worth it seeing how cheap it is, unless if your planning to make vlogging videos cause the microphone sounds like the things underwater.

David Mason says:

Fuckn d bag

Travis Fisher says:

I'm wanting to buy one of these cameras to take photos of my models, would this camera be decent enough to take clear enough photos?

Lexia Brown says:

I have the same camera and the sound doesn't work though. I barely got it today. So disappointed

DC505 Adventures says:

Used this camera for my most recent video. Should have watched this video beforehand xD

Mrs. Pamela R. Martin dba Castle Paws Designs says:

Does this camera have a pause button?

William Cunningham says:

I'm 14 years old boy and don't want to do selfies. 😄😃🤣

Mifty Mittens says:

Have the same camera how you make a video

Saschrick Delceppo says:

Its not good

Scarlett loves peppermint says:

I got this this and I want to use it for youtube

Steve Davis says:

I thought about buying you one for new years as a gift but decided not so quick , because " you'll only drop it anyways " . Keep the vid reviews coming though. Good stuff and i formative.

Steve Davis says:

That was good video actually , it was crisp and clear with good saturation , however a little too over the top on hue , but clarity was impressive indeed ,not to shabby for an inexpensive camera . Reaction time movement does need to be smooth and fluid and you will now have just bought yourself a nice little camera ! Thanks for sharing.

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