Very Close to The Perfect Camera: Idolcam Review

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Is Idolcam the best vlogging camera ever made? It’s one of the only cameras actually designed for vlogging. This is my full review, pros and cons to the almost perfect camera.

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Camera Conspiracies says:

Get your Idolcam! If you buy one through my affiliate link, I'll win a chance to compete in American Idol for best plate spinning tap dance vlogger.

RaizT1 says:

Colors on the Idolcam look better than the GoPro. G85 obviously better in just about every way. Idolcam has you slightly out of focus at all times, but the background looks great! Slowmo looks pretty bad. Probably better taking the 60fps G85 and slowing it down.

David Ocasio says:

The idol cam had you out of focus the entire video 😂

mattslaboratory says:

I look forward to slo-mo macro video of a bug crossing the street — preferably swinging one of its feelers out to the side for dramatic effect.

John Chappe says:

Wow. Vlogging in a pitch-black ally way is the most Canadian thing I've seen. Definitely can't do that here in South Africa.

krillansavillan says:

A lovely stroll down Danforth

F Zen says:

The macro intrigues me.

Scott Jung says:

Would you please test low light without two high beams?

Hank Roest says:

Ah, scenic Cosburn Avenue! Sony should have their next product launch there. 😉

James Oliver says:

That IS some content!

Kyle Coopet says:

I have nuts, I always have nuts. That was amazing!

Joseph Wilson says:

DUDE! Thanks for always making me laugh… But, don't go dissing my GoPro 8! I know that the bounce issue is there but hey… Its all I got,,, lol

Darren Leigh says:

Focus is outstanding with the fish-eye lens

Jesse says:

G85 is that first ugly kinda crappy sleeper car you had that just won’t quit and is somehow still better than that shiny new car you want because it “looks cool”.

ohad. says:

3:04 hahahahaha that's so dumb

B Tango says:

at 11:10 you see Chelsea walking by, she knew that rig didn't have enough toneh to blur her out so she ducked and quick stepped outta there!!

ChuckinAurora says:

@ 15:45 the mouse light.

RyuX says:

He always has nuts…. always

Roland Delhomme says:

I gotta say, not only have your reviews been incredibly informative, but you've kept us all in good spirits in this crazy time, and that's a really good thing…

9999tech says:

Please upload a 1080 60p sample 'cause it looks a bit stuttery (YouTube issue?).
I like the corrected fisheye footage.
Replace the set-screw with a nylon-tipped one so you can adjust the focus without it coming loose (or insert a little rubber piece into the screw hole and then tighten it just enough).
The standard exposure setting looks like smart-phone saturation and plastic skin-tone so using grading is better.

PlaneandSimple says:

@ 14:42 I thought you were going to get murdered.

Andybaby says:

6:03 Huh? I read that the G85 DOES have slow motion – 60fps.

Jim O'Callaghan says:

Careful with the closeup views of your eye…you're scaring the children.

007Stalled 7 says:

The wiggling squirrel-feeder is on the loose!

William Inbody says:

Wow, I wouldn’t beat a dead dog in the as$ with that ugly thing.

David Datura says:

The video quality isn’t bad. But still there’s too much of a bias to primary colors in the output, not to mention the softness, especially with faces…as he mentioned likely a focus issue. Skin tones are a smidge jaundice like too, again due to that over saturated bias towards primary colors.

ludovic migneault says:

I was blessed with 4 "perdrix" and a few squirrels yesterday,
I got that beauty in slow motion and had a loving thought for your channel <3

Andrew Ferguson says:

Oh boy I'm ready to be flamed for this but… can you revisit the DJI Osmo Pocket now after its gotten a bunch of firmware updates and they promoted some new wide angle lens again! Seems pretty good now after they had to put it back in the proverbial Illuminati super lizard oven to bake some more, since the reptilian vandertrobes cant get the perfect camera recipe right.. (Dont look up vandertrobes i just made it up for spooky dramatic effect)

JK9 says:

u look like a bootleg tom cruise during the dark alley scene

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