Vantop H610 Dash Camera Review | + Install

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Vantop sent their new Discovery H610 Mirror Mounted Dash Cam over for review. I show everything there is about it, and I even show the install in pretty good detail.



01:03 – Unboxing
02:48 – Warnings + Tips
03:45 – Dash Cam Install
06:05 – Dash Cam Review
09:14 – Dash Cam Footage

00:00 – Chasm – Dark Matter
05:05 – Asher Fulero – NIght Snow
10:50 – Asher Fulero – Night Snow


Mary Brady says:

thank you. excellent overview, hitting all the spots I needed to hear about. Really appreciate you taking time to help others.

Jeffrey Chang says:

i just bought this and i like it; however, I notice the reflection from the back windshield. It gives the effect of having a screen being a layer on top of my normal rearview. It's very large distraction because I can see the headrests of my backseats through the screen. Do you have that problem? I have the unit position angled to where I can shut the screen off and use it as a regular monitor. I feel this is necessary because during bright daytime hours the glare is too strong to rely simply on the screen

Self Justice says:

Great Vid! What i heard works is tilting the mirror down to completely negate the light, and then using the video input itself as your view of the back of the car, as opposed to reflections. I hear the angle is wider and you can actually see more than trying to just use the reflection. I'm going to try that when my unit arrives.

David Court says:

I meant to add love pointing to the cam if person's think they can try and sue if I allow them to walk into my car.

David Court says:

I have 2 front cam rear window mirror 50$cdn from the seen on tv shop in 2 cars. I find it great as my original cam had to come out when parked. Both come with a mem card. I see tomany idiot's with face in the phone

michael klinge says:

mine lasted 1 month 2 days the touch screen doesn't work and it won't shut off or respond to the power button don't waste your money

winkawak says:

i got a 2013 mustang gt dont really want to splice my reverse light wire, will the rear camera be useful if i just mount it exterior of the car top of the license plate? how come you coulndt find a mounting spot outback?

Real Iconic Tv says:

does the rear cam work on mirror when in drive ?

TheLifeOnHigh says:

Video playback from this camera will not play on any of my devices. 2 iPads, 1 iPhone and a laptop. No luck.

Alvaro Nino says:

Could you explain how you got longer videos what setting did you change

Adil Tahir says:

spelt review wrong

Armando De Jesus says:

question: does the rear view camera automatically record as well like the one in the front?

Sam C. says:

Appreciate the video, very informative, even though I bought it first then decided to search for reviews on utube, lol.

Farid Char says:

Hi, thanks for the video, a couple of questions: if you are recording and then press the power button to turn the mirror into a "real mirror", I guess the mirror will continue recording, right? But do you have some hint (e.g. a led light) indicating that the device is actually recording, or do you need to press the button again to check that?
Also, if you need to drive in reverse, the mirror automatically will show the rear camera, even if you are using the device as a "real mirror" at this moment? I ask because in some circumstances, maybe you need to reverse a little bit, but not necessarily for parking, so it could be somewhat confusing to see the display from the rear camera if some time I only want to see the real reflection from the mirror.
Thanks in advance.

oto siradze says:

75$? it says 99$ on amazon.

pjplummer says:

when wearing polarized glasses, does mirror screen turn to shit?


I am research because my jeep did not came with back camera and plus my dad buy mirror camera but do not working right! That why looking better cam mirror for front & rear!

Ricardo Pierre Louis says:

What I really want to is how to properly hide the wires.

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