UV Filter vs No UV Filter – DigitalRev TV Test

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To help answer a question regarding whether UV filters are any use with digital cameras, DRTV take a couple of filters out (Hoya & Hoya Pro, http://bit.ly/hoyafilter) and show you what the benefits of using a UV filter and what the detriments are.

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Joe Riggs says:

Watching these cameras being dropped and smashed was horrifically suspenseful.

el desarmadero says:

You are insane! Jajaja made me suffer during UV filter "tree test" :))

Eric Rosén says:

How about the quality of UV-filters today? Is it a big differens between a 20 USD to a 80 USD filter i terms of picture degradation?

Tatsuo Suzuki says:

3:50 best scientific test ever

Lars Anderson says:

He was just "panda-ing" to us.

Bob Menasian says:

There is something wrong with you? 🙂

Kavan jadeja says:

name of camera?

Familie Prinz says:


🇩🇪 Gleich gibts eine Stunde
Lost Place !!!

Go8997 says:

Lol "Hey I cant see any UV light either…." Great laughs

TalkToTheBody says:

One thing I can say about your tutorials, they’re never boring 🤣

Pritam Basak says:

As a broke student saving (its kinda hard) to buy my first dslr, this carnage of perfectly fine cameras huts me. 🙁

Armando R. Venegas Atencio says:

If you think it's funny handling your camera lenses as Soccer balls, well…
There's nothing else to say.

Griff Dean says:

"Nikon will rape you for it"
I laughed way harder at this than 2019 is comfortable with

gsweater says:

Great job to whomever dubbed the English over the vid!!!

Eoarzah Vanguard says:

now i know the use of those coconut trees

Lizard King says:

you're not the boss of my eyeballs :V I SEE UV EVERYWHERE i am actually a bee

Saúl Miranda says:

Thank you for this amazing video!

jim catalfamo says:

i get a kick out of this guy.

pratik savaliya says:

As always less information more drama….

Sobano S says:

I still think filters can reduce clarity compared to a bare lens. Focus seems fuzzy. What say you?

BandOfBros says:

Wayne rooney loves grannies hahaha

Harry Arteza says:

Warning: Absolutely no need to watch this past 3:20 Thanks

Robertw says:

The point for me is protection of glass

Ege Ayvala says:

cheap filters ruin image quality and sharpness so its not like a 5 dollar UV filter is something worth it

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