USB Wall Charger Hidden 1080p Spy Camera Review

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Hidden Camera By gumgood: Spy Nanny Recording System With USB Wall Charger Design – Motion Detection Secret HD Surveillance Camera With Wi-Fi – Mini Security Device For The House & The Office

A DISCREET SPY CAMERA: Do you need a camera to keep an eye on the nanny or to make your home safer? Then the hidden camera is exactly what you need! This tiny camera looks like a USB charger that you can connect to your smartphone, PC or other devices. You can now record videos discreetly and spy the nanny to make sure that your kids are safe!
WIFI Connection and APP is easy to use: The set up APP is easy and straightforward, you can stream live video from anywhere on your smartphone with Internet access. Even though no Internet access, you can insert the micro SD card into the nanny camera, it also can record the video automatically. When you want to playback videos from SD card in APP, just need to connect WIFI
MOTION DETECTION FUNCTION: As if it wasn’t already practical enough, the spy camera also has a motion detection function. You can choose whether you want that function to be activated or not. But when it’s activated, it will automatically start recording once it senses some kind of movement. In this way, it’s snot wasting energy and space from the memory card.
WELL TESTED QUALITY: How can you know that the Oknas hidden camera is good quality? Let us inform you that we have conducted a 6-month testing on every single spying camera to make sure that it is durable and that it functions well. You can trust the hidden camera because it won’t disappoint you.

That Doesn’t Look A Camera

That’s the point! The hidden camera actually looks like a USB adapter that you can connect to any electronic device.

It will help you record your nanny while you’re gone, to make sure she treats your kids well! The nanny won’t even notice it!

You can also record your pet to see if it’s creating any mess, or you can use it as a security system for your house!

With Wi-Fi and A Memory Cart

Connect the spy camera to a device and let it record. The micro SD card (need to buy separately) will save everything so that you can watch it later.

Even though the hidden camera is very small, the video will be in high definition!

Record for as many hours as you want. Once the memory card is full, it won’t stop working, it will automatically delete older files.


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Getting One

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Will this work in a car?

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Could you give me its website or china online purchase website? I need to buy it.

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So you can’t watch it when you are away at work?

Siobhan Quinn says:

I sweat all the time

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Maybe I want to catch my girlfriend red handed being a hoe!

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I looked at your link and some have low ratings. Since this video was made in 2017, what can you recommend now in 2019.

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कोई स्पाई पेन कैमरा बताओ।बहुत जरूरी है प्लीज।

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Isapang maganda yan sa magnanakaw

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If you use it in your own home it's not against the law to uses it

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They even have a light bulb cam as well with WiFi

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