UniFi Protect G4-PRO Camera Review & Comparison to the UVC G3

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Ubiquiti UniFi Protect G4-PRO Camera | UVC-G4-PRO

Ubiquiti UniFi Cloud Key Gen2 Plus (UCK-G2-PLUS)

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Ubiquiti UniFi UVC G3 Network Camera Unboxing and Video/Audio Quality

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Jason Cleaver says:

Ive noticed the G4 feed is 1000mbs and g3 is 100mbs

o b says:

@10:55 https://youtu.be/3S4p3isUrvA?t=656 the G3 shows the exit light is glowing red, while the g4 pro doesn't. that's really odd

Chip Linck Griffin says:

Gets a little warm. Is there a Unifi product that doesn't get a little warm?

Matthew Stinar says:

I'd never heard of onvif before. I'm happy with the one Unifi Video install I've done, but I'll definitely look at onvif before moving forward with my next camera install.

tonnhard says:

how does it compare to Swann or Night Owl systems?

J. CK says:

I recently bought a G3 Flex to get into the ecosystem and really like the UniFi video software. Any ideas on how this will change? Discontinuing the software seems like a bad choice to me. I really like it to run on my own hardware and it has proven to be nice and reliable – even when running in a VM. How does it affect your clients that are already running UniFi video?

Ben Styles says:

Hey Tom, can you delve into the whole UniFi Video Vs Protect as to be honest, I have no time for the Protect that has bad UI and limited options. The other suck is the crappy UCK2 and its shit performance along with its overheating issues. I already have a large NVR running UniFi video and now reading that its already being shit-canned. I see no reason to touch any more UniFi security products when other camera options leave it for dead.

UnX Format says:

Heyyy Steve, have not seen you in a while…we all miss ya! wud up brotha!

Grouchy Ed says:

At my job when we unpackage things or remove the protective film, we call it “taking off the panties”. Let the comments fly.

bpaullus says:

I recommend to always use the silicone water resistant plug. It could save the camera in the rare case of a roof leak (especially with a camera at this cost).

Orinthical says:

Thank you for the comparison. Hoping Ubiquiti continues to be competitive in the market. Boutique products are great, but they need an answer to all of the inexpensive security products out there. And still no PTZ…

raymond brennan says:

thank you for taking the time to make this video

DaHausmeister says:

Unifi video Supports the g4 pro. Just Look at the last changelog, there are some fixes spcificaly for the g4.


Do you need to get more views, you have to make your videos short 20 min is a lot, speak with a script.

Grayson Peddie says:

I do prefer the sound profile of the G3 over the G4 even if I do want 4K capability of the G4. The sound profile of the G4 does sound harsh while the G3 sounds natural.

aguyandhiscomputer says:

8:43 What they are actually saying when you don't have audio.


Jules Sharman says:

Specially which SSD did you use?

James Tuke says:

Yes, but in your view Tom, is it worth the substantial extra cost???

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