Understanding DSLR vs Point n Shoot Cameras & which one is for you?

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In this video I compared some of the major differences between a DSLR and a Point n Shoot camera I also talk about the new mirror less inter changeable lens cameras, the video taking capabilities and the pros and cons of DSLR.

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THE NEW KRIS33 says:

I probably say my smartphone. It have 20+6 mp dual rear and dual front so i use ot for my youtube videos

Larry Elterman says:

Nice Video. Very helpful. Thank you.

Sarvesh dhaybar says:

Anyone in December 2018

Amit Aerosmith Pratihar says:

Ranjeet Sir i want to buy a camera within 20k …can you suggest me 2 3 best of it

Dibyendu Das says:

Make a video of Dslr vs mirrorless camera


Does point and shoot camera records portrait video
Is it blurs the video in back ground ??

Srikrishna Chaitanya says:

Boss can u please suggest me among Canon Power shot SX540 HS and CANON EOS 1300. After a lot of research and budget, I sorted out these two. I am very much interested in photography and roam a lot, and I am buying either POINT N SHOOT OR DSLR for the first time. Please suggest one. Thanks in advance.

Chef- KamalDey. says:

hindi may blo

Tapan Bhunia says:

please top cameras under 5000 rs


Plz unbox sony dsc h300

Sanket Sherlekar says:

Your voice is very irritating

RicH Gaming 14 says:

It would've been great if you took pictures with all those 3 camera's and did a comparison!

Amal nath says:

Anyone in 2018


Aangrej ki aavlad hindi nhi bolna nhi aati kya


Dollar keu bolta hain rupees bol ..

Aamir Khan says:

Bhai….aap hindi me vedio shoot Karte to jada behtar rahta

Fairy Hippopo says:

point and shoot camera is useless in 2018 now because any of the mid tier smartphone did better.

Mondeep Gohain says:

Anyone September 2018 ?

MauliN Patel says:

Which camera is batter Sony dsc 300 or Canon sx430b?

Amit Aerosmith Pratihar says:

Ranjeet Sir i want to buy a camera within 20k …can you suggest me 2 3 best of it

Amarjeet Kumar Singh says:

who is watching in 2018

Afraaz Hussain says:

Brief of what he said: DSLR is bigger than a Point-And-Shoot.

sajeev s says:

Thanks, you cleared my doubt..👍🙏

Frumence Kariuki says:

is there a huge difference between the small Point and shoot and the BIG versions of point and shoot?

Atik tech says:

YouTube ku grow kaise kare sir

Rishi Singh says:

Mr.Ranjit Pls do review on best point & shoot camera in 2018

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