Understanding DSLR vs. Mirrorless Cameras

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Taking the next step in photography means transitioning to a better quality camera from your typical point and shoot pocket camera or cell phone. In most recent years, the well-known DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) cameras have been rivaled with the up and coming mirrorless camera technology. With this introduction of new technology into the world of photography, tech expert, Patrick Norton walks us through the top Facts vs. Myths surrounding DSLR and Mirrorless cameras. It includes to the topic of camera body size, auto focus and more. By understanding these concepts, users can determine the camera that best fits their life style!

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AMILA Pri says:

A photo by 24.9 billion pixel camera
Click the link and just zoom in…

Chef Love says:

If it is mirrorless how do you comb your hair or put on makeup please?

simple photography says:

Its not great for sports though because of the size of those G telephoto

Noah Mack says:

your biased, your from sony

Diana Csoka says:

This review is crap

joe fulkerson says:

It took me till the end of the video that this video is on the Sony chanel it is all making sense now why this guy is pushing the mirror less cameras so much.

Arun G says:

Where's that waterfall ?


Thanks dear
This been helpful

Ànkit Neupane says:

LOL!!! advertisement !!!

Luke Mitchell says:

just shooting the kids in the park

Swapnil Amritkar says:

Oh, I didn't see that this is a Sony Channel! I thought this guy got too much money for advertisement from sony. When I moved to comment section and saw this is a sony channel, I wasted 5 minutes of my useless time!

Khoa Nguyễn says:

If you look veeery closely

You're on Sony's channel

TechnoFreak says:

canon cameras in sony ad, what!

aniruddha dahiwal says:

Uncle jack from Breaking Bad ?

Today With Trevor says:

Nice! Thank you!

Aakash R says:

Sony channel-Canon DSLR

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