Unboxing the Arsenal AI Camera Assistant, With Photo Comparison

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Unboxing and review of the Arsenal, along with photo comparison between Nikon and Arsenal automatic modes. Review of Handheld Mode available at: https://youtu.be/c1Oxl-97c_k. For more Arsenal shots, follow @nicklum on Twitter: https://twitter.com/nicklum


deepak joshi says:

Sir please make a video with D5300

The Support says:

i dont understand why anyone would buy a DSLR camera and shoot in Auto. It's like buying an expensive point and shoot. Most of these high end model cameras do have a saturation boost option so the arsenal wouldn't be needed. I guess im trying to find a logically reason for this item.

Peter Hogenson says:

You got conned Man! Another PowerPoint ware . False claims and empty promises. There's a lot of that in tech/photography and I've gotten conned too. But I'm getting better at discerning a con and saving the money and headaches. And this is an expensive con that does NOT deliver.

Rony Thomas says:

Wow this guy has never used a micro USB cable 🤣🤣, I bet He's an iPhone user

JL Pease says:

I bought this, it's terrible. Want mine – Half Price! This is not something you want if you actually want to get the shot.

Shahru Rahman says:

Before seeing this video: "What is the price of Arsenal??"
After seeing this video:" I will never buy an Arsenal!!"

Faisal Erlangga says:

thanks for reviewing this, looks like this stuff just poppin' up the saturation add turn down the shadow a lil bit

Kefeng Zhou says:

When I saw the video on their website, I thought this device is some kind of "AI photo taking assistant" which detects lights from the surrounding area and decides the exposure parameters for me. But after this time waiting, it turns to be a "smartphone controlled shutter trigger". How disappointed was me. My D850 body provides the same functionality and I can use it manually faster than Arsenal.

blocksterz says:

I take Raw pics and even with blown out ones I can save them easily with Luminar ending with stunning results

Apsan Tohir says:

Can this tool be used for Nikon D7100 cameras. and this tool is set again to the camera or immediately use it

Ken M says:

Received mine 2 days ago and I am still working through some initial issues, the main one is connecting to my S10 android. Support was fast. I also have a D90. Thanks for posting, keep 'em coming Nick

Rick Mentore says:

I think you made a good-faith effort in your review however the photos by the Arsenal are just poor and certainly not a good advertisement for the product. The comparison with your camera are bias, if you had bracket with your camera or even shoot in the auto landscape or macro mode you would have realized better images out camera. This product may be good as a light meter or time laps trigger, features that are in most cameras. I for one could not in good conscious put down $185.00 for this product!

Mark Ching says:

Thanks. I have the same camera and purchased the Arsenal. Can’t wait to get mine and see the results

Colin Nygren-Cassels says:

Based on my research, so far the only really good things this has going for it is the time lapse feature which isn't perfect and the autofocus and exposure stacking. It's cool that it's automatic and it will save me time doing that work manually but it exports the finished product as a Jpeg rather than a Raw file

Drayvel Harris says:

so you have one terrible photo compared to a bad photo, sorry not bad , it's just ~artistic~

Don Droy says:

Just got my Arsenal yesterday and started to uploaded it yesterday. Half way through, had a problem with internet feed and uploading stopped. Tried to start system up again this morning and it say it won't upload it now. Does anybody have any idea how to reset the unit to factory settings, so I can start upload procedure again? Sounds like getting feedback from support is just terrible!

Adrian Allen says:

thanks, I really bought into the hype, but these photos are as everyone else mentioned, oversaturated and doesn't give you much room for expression in post editing

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