Unboxing our new crazyyyy laptop and camera

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welcome back to the channel…
our new products are arriving and this video has 2 of them..

the products in this video were purchased from https://www.imastudent.com/

we got the best deal in the market(not sponsored)….


Sukrit 369 says:

Rohit Anna Ni Thoughts(Mistake By Pilot Or What Happend)Chpu On Pakistan Flight Crash I Want A Video Of You Like Flying Beast

Akash Biswas says:

Laptop wasn’t the best choice! Intel laptop when you’ve Ryzen mobile process? Ryzen mobile processor is faster than the best of intel has to offers in their DESKTOP RANGE!!


Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701 😲😲

Harsha Vardhan says:

Bro i know about that Laptop
Crazy Laptop expensive but Value for money
really its a good Choice

Sidhu yang lee says:

Rohit : Biscuit kaavaala 😂😂

Maniprasad Gamer says:

Last dialogue for iguru crazy

PC Raju says:

HI bro,

Please do one more video like cinematic shorts on both camera and laptop.

victory venky says:

Abaaa miru mi excitment luuu kala kala ladipoyondhi super brotheruuuu

anmol hanchate says:

Anna please bring agastya in your vlogs.. 😍😍

rekha chinni says:

you didnt said about the price bro 👐

SUPER mount says:

yoo broo srijan is great

Atul v. Singh says:

Loved this unboxing 😂😂😂.this made me subscribe.

Gnanesh Gorrepati says:

canon 80D is better than this

Venu Aditya says:

Abbabbabba. Laptop super. Oka kidney ammi Aina ilanti laptop okati konali.

Chandra Shekhar says:

What's the model# of lappy?

Pavan K says:

Bhayya giveaway karo

Hanumantha Reddy says:

Bro that laptop looks premium then ducati bro 😍😍

greg halwin says:

Rohit how high are you😊

Omkar Pathak says:

Give a home tour dude

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