Unboxing my new youtube camera – Canon M50 Mirrorless by Unbox Singh

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I make videos on automobile repair, maintenance and sometimes also on my other hobbies. Also I’m new to the world of video shooting and editing so each day brings new learning opportunity. Be the part of the journey – Click Subscribe and Hit the Bell !

Was using iPhone SE & Redmi 7 to shoot my videos and now M50 from Canon will be my primary camera.

Also check out the unboxing video of my dash cam-


Sanjay Jain says:

Wow very nice…best of luck for your photography

Adarsh Anand says:

I think U should have gone for 200d mark 2… it's better camera for video

Shashwat dey says:

Sir when will you giveaway this camera haha just kidding 🤣 by the way very very congratulations for the new camera now we will get content in high quality

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