Unboxing My NEW CAMERA !!

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It is finally here! The 1dX Mark ii
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Shot on a Canon 1Dx mark ii

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Oolambi Lundgren says:

What kind Of lens did you use for the Canon EOS DX Mark ||??

Jacob tech Pro says:

Not worth it

Ed Dragojlovic says:

Would this be better than the 1DC?
I'm a proud 6D mark ii owner, I just remember it being the craze all those years ago haha

abdul rashid says:

Does th camera 📷 have video mode?

Jaiden Kuan says:

3:09 his audio goes weird

Bobby Rose says:

which camera you guys prefer to film Sony a6000 or Sony a7 mark 2 / dont think about the price just the quality in low light and normal light

iOSgaga says:

this isn’t 1996. shave the hair off already

mogambo Op says:

Your girlfriend (if she isent your girlfriend them I'm sorry) is verry pretty but god damn her nails are scary.

Block Novice says:

You look cool AF

Black Stone says:

The designers of that camera must've thought: what is the ugliest design possible?

Tom Armes-Miles says:

When the memory card more than your camera 😅

Zaber Ansary says:

what a fucking stupid video….

Smokey says:

Stick to the title, dumb to show your life to viewers

Joseph Joseph says:

Whats next is he ganna buy a boosted board??

Changtse Quintanilla says:


Tyler says:

Congrats on the camera man

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