Unboxing Canon C500 mkii | $16k Camera w/ Full Frame + DP autofocus + 5.9K raw

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The colors look like pro400h fuji 35 mm film. (When ungraded). Not that I can afford it. I love it.

I mean lets be honest. I can't even afford those memory cards to begin with. I like my 1080p on my EOS R.

Aryak Chatterjee says:

Time to shoot an actual short on this bad boy?

wajid mirza says:

can u do astrophotography on arri alexa mini

बाटाे हगुवा says:

Wow and thank you

Wanderlust On Tap says:

How much memory does it take for one photo at 5.9k RAW ?

Dwayne Foong says:

Have you abandoned your Arri Alexa Classic?

Francis Dinh says:

Peter McKinnon vlogs with a 5D mkii

Gene vlogs with the the c500 mkii

Matt Sezer says:

This is a really weird middle ground as far as pricing. I can definitely see it being good for non-narrative TV and documentaries with decent budgets. However, higher end narrative and commercials will likely continue shooting Red and Alexa, while one-man-band videographers normally aren't in a position to drop $16k on a camera.

Tan Han Wei says:

The sensor is brighter than my future….

GoPro Gabe says:

I’m over here thinking I have a nice $600 DSLR, while this guy has a camera that’s more expensive than a Nissan Versa.

Sunny Hwang says:

Add a joby tripod and you have a new vlogging camera

Demis Galli says:

If you are coming to Thailand give me a shout and I can show you some interesting stuff. I am at chiang mai in the north of thailand

Michael J Long says:

“Why am I sitting on the ground?!” 🤣

snack savvy says:

me : i didn't vlog in Thailand with my M50 worrying about getting mugged
potato jet : hanging out alone with C500

José Domínguez says:

C500 vs Alexa Classic 😛

Paul Shen says:

"let's just open the box out side on the ground" went in for the Allen key,came out to find the C500 II gone

that's what I call "dramatic".

Chris Klugh says:

As nice as that camera is, you could by a car with it. Correct me if I'm wrong, but it does not have any compressed RAW formats meaning you need to make sure you invest a ton in memory/HD storage with this camera. I still think there are better camera options out there that will do the job for less.

Sitang Chulajata says:

Welcome to Thailand!! have a good trip

Daniel Scott Design says:

Ah, Thailand! @CameraConspiracies old stomping ground.

Chris Parayno says:

YouTubers: I'm previewing a 1dx mk3

Potato: Hold my Keg

Frostie-Flake says:

Huh, were you trying Troll us with poop on patio behind you?

warnutztheloser says:

amma order 2 of these

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