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“Where does he get these Wonderful Toys?”, you may be asking yourself.. and specifically I got this FiFish V6 at https://www.qysea.com/ , where you can discover the undiscovered! The FiFish V6 is the latest flagship model from the innovative company, QYSEA Technology Co., Ltd. The FIFISH is an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) dedicated to providing a truly professional underwater drone for both film enthusiasts ,and sports maniacs alike in their ocean explorations and adventures. Most importantly, QYSEA is focused on bringing for the public a greater ability to connect on with the underwater world along with its inhabitants and ecosystems, as well as to generate greater awareness on various ocean-related issues and topics.

So why the heck would I have one?! Im far away from the ocean.. but I have a small pond out behind my home that I lost a DJI Phantom Vision 2, about 4 years ago. Qysea emailed me a few months ago and asked I was interested in showing this model on RC ADVENTURES. I figured since I had a use for it.. and several lakes around where we host the show.. that this could be a fun opportunity to check out an underwater robot! They did not ask me for a review.. other than to try it out on my own time and see if I could find my old quad copter. I wonder… its been about 4 years.

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Thanks for joining me for this unboxing.. Hope you enjoyed the film!

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FaNOSTiCT says:

What does this cost?

огромная эрекция says:

He doesn't even use it.

blaster top 11 says:

Terlalu banyak omong jadi kecewa gua

arbee11 says:

$1599 US for the base model, accessorize it with a few hundred more. Not bad really.. Cool toy, nice unboxing.

Kevin Erickson says:

3,500 dollars🥴

RCinBC says:

this is a cool device

arthur hartless says:

is it water proof hmmmmmm….. ahahahah lols

Jay Mitchell says:

Can’t wait to see THAT thing in the water. That will be with an auto release hook on it attached to a water recovery vehicle for things lost in water. Lol
And I’ve watched almost all your bodes is since way way back.

Chuy Dog says:

If only it was wireless it would be so much better if u get that wire stuck on a rock well guess who's going in after it lol

mafosa says:

A lot of “cold cases files” are going to be solved soon.

Just sayin.


M OOOm says:

There is a pixhawk inside,the booting up sounds so familiar.

MR GUPPY 101 says:

Now is ready so you can shove it …….!

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