Unboxing a $50,000 Camera

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Carbon fiber RED Weapon Dragon. It even sounds cool.
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With a massive 6K Dragon sensor with RAW video recording the RED Weapon is a full on cinema camera for shooting movies. At $50,000+ it’s one of the most important expensive cameras in the world but what’s the unboxing like?

Big shout to Jake Roper from Vsauce3 for the hookup! http://www.youtube.com/vsauce3
RED Weapon Dragon: http://www.red.com/products/weapon-dragon

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Davis Talhone says:

I think I gotta get me one of those stickers. Fake it till I make it kinda thing.

TheRedGamerFPV says:

0:24 ONLY a 6k sensor… im using a phone with a 720p 30 fps camera…..

Xtianz says:

Youtube videos can have better graphics than movies.

Chris Powell says:

Drop it down 4 flights of stairs while in the box, I’ll buy it from you afterwards…I’m from Mars btw…

Zack Ross says:

How to waste $50000 on red

Olim Pather says:

Il buy this if i have enough money

Fantum Pixels says:

He has monstercat shirt

Rassu Mandavi says:

This camera is not available in Amazon or other online market India and what is the price in Indian rupees?

Gerald PTY says:

How much money do you have?!

arda şimşek says:

are you shiting money

Gabe The Dog says:

He spent 50 thousand dollars for a two minute video

Midhiyan says:

"Only 6k"
Wow dude how much do you want like 100k or something 😶

1000FPSGaming says:

it’s not $50000 reality kid

Mr. Zewp says:

BIG difference between Linus and Austin RED camera review

TheThree PupFriends says:

Lol ONLY 6k

DoDPooLRO says:

But can you do this ?

Sloth Motions says:

This is what Austin needs his new videos to be like, this was really good………………..It might just be because I am wearing my headphones tho :/

trumps butt says:

screw you red

Gavin Serdeña says:

I can only afford is a lens for my phone and it only cost like 10$.

Tylers3rdName says:

More then my grand parents cars and my parents cars combined can’t you just buy a 70d or something

First Abdul tech says:

If you drop me, I am sure to crack, but if you give me a smile, I'll always smile back. What am I? Sub please

rocco shea says:

wish i had $1,000 only for a laptop

Игровой канал GAMER says:

Ребята это не просто камера это кинокамера, вы понимаете?
Она может снимать в 4К ultra HD!

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