Unboxing a $4250 SUPREME/BAPE Hypebeast Mystery Box

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Checkout Saru General for AMAZING prices and pieces!

Today in this INSANE Hypebeast Mystery Box unboxing, I unveil to you guys some of the rarest supreme items, along with rare and vintage clothing and accessories from Bape! This mystery box was priced around $3000 ?, and has a value of over $4250 ! Checkout the amazing pieces of streetwear that’s inside this box.

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Blazendary says:

Thank you guys for being the best supporters on youtube. +++ GANG 🙌🏼⚡️🌏🌍🌎☔️💦‼️‼️♥️

LGamerr HD says:

already followed you guys haha @luisrojp9

Paschal Koteka says:

Really trying to start a sneaker/hype collection. Honestly a huge inspiration being young like myself. Keep it up 🔥

LGamerr HD says:

already followed you guys haha @luisrojp9

LGamerr HD says:

already followed you guys haha @luisrojp9

AlzamIsHere says:

I did all the step
Hopefully ill win

Nate88 says:

I did the steps love the vids👌👌😂
My ig is nathaniel_pav_88
Keep it up man

Michael Hernandez says:

I love your videos. I’ve been watching for over a year maybe 2 I’m not sure but it’d be nice to finally win a giveaway. ❤️❤️

I’ve followed you both!!

Wick Ackerman says:

It’s been a minute since Blaze did a mystery box and it was lit. I did all the steps and I have my fingers crossed. @w_ackerman2648

Pit3rson says:

Did the steps
Love the channel and streetwear
IG: pit3rson

Daniel Reyes says:

Hey I followed both of you guys and my ig is Daniel-Reyes42

George Ure says:

ive followed you both, but ive been following you for like 2 years already 🙂 @george.ure42

Shaked Shapira says:

done both. keep up the good work. @shaked_shap

Mr Fortnite says:

Did all of your steps and got non hypebeast clothes:( relly wsnt some.

Eric Laws says:

Great channel always enjoy watching you keep spreading the positivity ig:@ericlaws_

simon estrada says:

I followed all the steps and I would love to win one of your giveaways for once and I saw u at Sneaker Con Fort Lauderdale a while back I was the kid with long black hair who was wearing a yeezy busta mask. I loved to have finally been able to see u in person.


Rolfi LP says:

I hope I win cause I’m never winning. Would be awesome if I will be getting blessed @ Lukas.ktsn

NotJensen says:

i would love to win the mystery box and i hope i get to grow my sneaker collection if i win this ~ @jensenartap

Rtv Julyan says:

Keep up the good vids love your channel ❗️

_wavy.daniel Yt says:

Did the steps
Keep up the grind💯

rkapiko13 says:

i did the steps, the channel is dope, my @rachelkapiko

Joshua Thomas says:

hope i win
i just haven´t enough money to buy supreme and bape lol
did all the steps

Javi Roca says:

Good video, keep going bro!

Jim Rowand says:

“ insert thoughtful comment here “. ✅Jimrowand14

Robby Amoruso says:

Hope I win been keeping up with you since 100k subs love the videos @robby.amoruso

preston sosa says:


Clem Esc says:

This mystery box is 🔥

preston sosa says:

I have dropped a like and followed sarugeneral and your account with the super long name and I would like to win the mystery box is because I want to become a hypbeast and all I have that's hype is a supreme north face collaboration long haul bag but I want to start a collection/hypbeast

Razvan Gabriel says:

Ready @razvan_gabriel23

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