UNBOX: Wine Country Camera Filter Kit

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If you’ve ever had the urge to take your filter holder game to the next level, then check out the ridiculous quality and craftsmanship of the Wine Country Camera Filter Kit.




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vasi says:

Is it possible to replace the polarizer with a UV filter?

Danny Baltzer says:

Too bad it’s made in China. 2 questions. Why the name Wine Country? No relevance to photography. Puts me off. And why brass fittings? They look awful. Why not stainless steel of if your serious about looks titanium? Dirty old brass is cheep and daggy

Pratik Ray says:

Is there a lens cap with the system that I can use on the adapter ring, and avoid having to unscrew the rings after each use?

Manuel Jenkin says:

Would it be possible to put a clear filter in place of the polarizer filter (in situations where I don't need the polarizer but want to protect the front element of the lens).

eric moss says:

Is this too bulky for rangefinders like a Mamiya 7 to frame shots and/or use on-camera metering? I think the Lee Seven5 would work, but boy I'm tired of having a different filter setup for every camera — a 75×90 for big RFs, a 100×150 for SLRs, screw-ins for small RFs.

Brandon Kapana says:

can i be friends with rod too? lol looks like an awesome and very thoughtout system. wonder if they'd consider replacing all of my breakthrough filters to switch over to their system…

Murray Laidlaw says:

Nice video Brian, your enthusiasm is great.

Rosa Doric says:

Rod has defintly raised the bar with this system. Beats anything we have available in Australia hands down. Any talk of a system for lenses such as Tamron 15 30mm?

John Mowry says:

I ordered my system today and can't wait to get it. It truly is a work of art. I know other systems have been around for years, but they all have flaws. This system is truly beautiful. I love you can pick any filter manufacturer for the holders.

Babar Asghar says:

this is practical thinking … for a landscaper its well thought out n designed …
lets see one uses a 10 stop ND n 4 stop GND he can put them in these filter holders n just keep them in his bags in some case n just pop them in when shooting … protects the glass edges from scratches n smudges … especially would easier to operate with gloves than handling bare glass filters …

Akbar Alikhan says:

Brian, thanks for the video. I got mine in the mail last week and everything you described about the holder (presentation, quality, sturdiness) are apparent from the first touch. All it took was one of my LEE soft grads taking a giant scratch from my last filter holder to motivate me to get something like this. I would love for you to do a side-by-side setup video to show the time-saving element of this holder, with one side showing a classic LEE holder and another with the WCC holder.

Mike Heller says:

Been following the development of this kit. It looks awesome, but I'm tempted to wait to see how the larger version pans out. I do have a 14-24 that I love and would love to be able to throw some filters in front of that 🙂

Mike Donahue says:

That thing looks insane. I totally hear you on the touching the polarizer.

Scott TheOzoneGuy says:

Perhaps something for the vlog…But I tried (for the first time) a circular polarizer in mid- day light. I was very disappointed with the results. There were very dark areas of the sky. Would like a tutorial on CP use. I have viewed some of the YouTube videos on this subject. But don't recall anyone touching on this dark blotchy sky problem.

Andy Keeble says:

This kit will have to go a long way to become the "go to" system over the likes of Lee and NiSi and, from the video, looks to be slightly over engineered. I have used the Lee system for a number of years and have never had a filter drop from the holder! The trays are ok but how usable will they be when your fingers are cold, again they look to be ok but totally unnecessary.
It's not often I will criticise a product but to my eye this system seems to be rather pointless as they have made it more of a "fiddle" to use rather than easier.
Great video as always Brian but this is one product I won't be using.

Parry Bedi says:

Great Review Brian! Just a quick question, can I use Lee or Nisi filters (100mm) in the filter holders or do I have invest in Formatt Hitech 100mm filters?

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