Unbox & Review: Sony HDR CX675 Camera

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Today we take a look at the handheld Sony HDR CS675 video camera! It has a lot of features, some more will be covered in future videos, but we went over the basics. The gimbal in the lens is the best feature as you can see how steady the film is even running! Very reasonably priced kind of in the middle of cameras. The next step up would have 4k capability, and most screens can’t handle that resolution, so this is a perfect camera to film quality 1080 HD 60fps footage.
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James Pratt says:

No ac adapter fluff

CSX Productions says:

What are the best settings for fast-moving objects, such as a train?

ricardo miranda says:

I do not know how to use it please in Spanish

ricardo miranda says:

saludos de chile

fredys setia says:

best very good sony HDR CX675

Chris Zyyyz says:

wait until you want to burn that home video.PURE HELL TO DO! Its not as easy as anybody explains which if you notice nobody really explains a simple way.When you try you will know what im talking about

Miggui Serrano says:

I Like a sony hd camera like that this christmass

Geek Field Notes says:

This is a very good camera! (just don't film in a rain storm)

Saurabh Tiwari says:

what is the difference between PJ675 and CX675?

JDMHero47 says:

Would you guys recommend this camcorder for doing vlogs when driving in a car? I'm wanting a decent camcorder I can use to capture my accord throwing a rod and want a good cam =)

ColdChris says:

Are you using the default mic of the camera?

Neil Bradley says:

Hey guys, thanks for reviewing this camera.. I'm thinking of buying one. I really like how you demonstrated the wide angle lens, and the zoom. Very important features! You're video has helped me make a decision, appreciate it. You have my thumbs up and sub. Cheers Neil (Uk).

Vipin Maben says:

Love the zoom & the stabilizer. Finally found a proper review video for this cam. Awesome guys!

AmazingAlejandro_91 says:

nice video and looks like it does have very good quality

sonictonic says:

I like it! Now make more videos! 😉

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