Unbox and Review of my Pivotheads POV Camera Glasses, nice GoPro alternative.

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I picked up a pair of Pivotheads Durango Chameleon POV glasses since I wanted to find a device that would let me give a POV of my massive triple 46″ monitor setup while gaming. I tried attaching my GoPro but I had to wear a helmet which screwed up the experience and the point of view was always off when I viewed the video afterwards. Since these are glasses they don’t obstruct my heading and they have a good microphone so they are ideal for this type of job.

After using them for several days I can say without a doubt I would buy them again. They do have some noise when filming in low light and it can be tricky to get the focus just right when dealing with computer monitors as your visual source but at the end of this video you will see the video quality is a lot better when I’m playing Assetto Corsa.

These glasses could not be easier to use and they can easily be put in the case and stored in your car or in the pocket safely. When you’re wearing them people don’t even realize that you have camera glasses on but I suspect this will change in the coming years as technology like this becomes more mainstream so please use these glasses responsibly.
– Rubberized grips hold head very nicely, could move around a lot without them shifting

– Feel no different then a nice expensive pair of sun glasses
– Very light weight
– POV is perfect and the video is exactly what you would expect after taking it
– No bubble vision (like GoPro)
– Can record up to an hour on internal battery but also supports external batteries
– Lots of options in the software to customize your experience
– Can do 60fps which is huge for action shots

– Can get a little hot against your temple when doing a long recording
– When video stops there is no audio notification so you need to check every once in a while
– The video can be noisy unless there is a LOT OF LIGHT. But this is true for most compact cameras like this
– Audio quality is great but in some places you get some static and clipping

I hope you guys enjoyed the video, it went a little long but I wanted to use them outside, inside on the sim and for up close gaming and this took a little time to pull together!


Connect your PIvotheads to your Mac or PC with the Pivothead Desktop App to configure video recording and image capture settings, download files, and more.
Connect to your Pivotheads to your iOS or Android device with the Pivothead Mobile Apps to configure video recording and image capture settings, download files, and more.

HD Video Recording
One-button video capture
1080p, 30fps | 720p, 60fps | 720p, 30fps
Quick or customizable capture settings
Continuos, Auto, Fixed or Macro Focus Options
Auto, Bright, or Dim Exposure Options
Face Tracking, Time & Date Stamp, Black/White capture (optional settings)
Built-in Microphone

Stunning Still Capture
One-button image capture
Capture 8, 5, or 3 megapixel images
Auto or Macro focus
Auto, 200, 800, or 1600 ISO
Auto, Bright Outdoor, or Indoor Exposure
Face Tracking, Time & Date Stamp, Black/White capture (optional settings)

Time-Lapse Mode
One-button time-lapse capture
6 setting modes for capturing full-resolution (8 megapixel)
time-lapse sequences
Perfect for capturing hands-free action sequences over an
extended period of time

Burst Mode
One-button burst capture mode
Capture bursts of 3, 5, 10, or 16 images at full resolution
Great for action sequences and/or GIF and Cinemagraph creation

4 ELEMENT GLASS LENS Largan Glass Camera Lens
FOCUS Continous Focus | Auto Focus: 4″- | Fixed focus: 2.8′ — | Macro 4″- 28″
FIELD OF VIEW 75 Degrees

RESOLUTION [email protected] | [email protected] | [email protected]
EXPOSURE Auto | Bright | Dim
VIDEO OPTIONAL SETTING Black & White | Face Tracking | Time/Date Stamp

AAC MONO 44.1 kHz

BURST OPTIONS 16 Shot Stills | 10 Shot Stills | 5 Shot Stills | 3 Shot Stills
TIME LAPSE OPTION 1 Shot/1s | 1 Shot/30s | 4 Shots/8s | 4 Shots/30s | 10 Shots/30s | 5 Shots/60s
FOCUS Auto | Macro
EXPOSURE Auto | Bright | Dim
ISO Auto | 200 | 800 | 1600
Time/Date Stamp


USB 2.0 Cable for Charging and Data Transfer

RECHARGEABLE Rechargeable 3.7VLi-Polymer/440mAh
DC POWER USB power via Micro USB, 5V DC 500mA

SYSTEM Mac | PC | Android

FCC | FDA | CE This show is an independent production of Jerry Berg (aka Barnacules). Opinions are my own and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of my employer, friends, or any companies mentioned in the show. Email business inquiries to [email protected]

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H0ney Supreme says:

Cool review

Bob Daneshkhah says:

bought pivotheads last year. They lasted 3 months then died. Sent them in they replaced the board they died a month later…..They wont take them back in again. GARBAGE GARBAGE GARBAGE, and very poor customer service. DONT WASTE MONEY ON PIVOTHEADS.

Kim N says:

hmpphhh….I tried to sort by most recent comments, but they're all out of order, starting with your comment 4 years ago, and then comments from 2 and 3 years ago. I'm trying to find out if these even exist. I went to Main Performance's site and input "camera" in the search, but got no results.

Yacahuma X says:

Can you get off your butt and record outside?

Betaboog says:

these are awesome do u know if they still make them in 2017? I didn't see them on the website

drfatinr says:

I noticed few people saying that the camera stopped working after a few months. Is that true?

Ernes Emirametov says:

thanks for such a great review! really helpful and cool. Have you ever tried it during driving at night time?

Virus278 says:

The link in the description doesn't work

Billy Ray says:

you have a turn signal light out

GamingItHard says:

BarnaculesNerdgasm did u say kigabyte?

off brand jesus says:

i need these for school because if i get caught recording fights the make me delete the video

Lumpy Bumperstein says:

Just get an action camera, their more versatile

WJK says:

What did cars in the past ever do without synthetic oil vs conventional oil (e.g.10W-40) on cold mornings?!? 😉

Champ JJ says:

I just ordered a pair on amazon! Do you still like these glasses? Can you switch out the micro SD card?

AnThoi PhuQuoc says:

is the glasses compatible for prescription lens?

Mr. Bigfoot says:

could I use this for airsoft

ItsArctic says:

those look obvious as fuck..

Spotter Ink says:

Karting a my thing too. This gadget will become very useful for chases driving Chasers. Would you subscribe?

Block Nations says:

made it to the end

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