Unbiased S20 Ultra vs S20+ vs Note 10 Camera Comparison!

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Is the S20 Ultra REALLY the best Samsung phone for Photos & Video? You might be shocked!
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Samsung’s Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G packs some awesome new camera tech, including a 108MP main camera, a 48MP periscope telephoto lens, a 12MP ultra-wide and a 40MP front-facing selfie camera!

Those are all really great specs, but can the S20 Ultra prove itself in this unbiased camera comparison where Vadim has no idea which phone took which photo?

We will see how it stands up against the S20 Plus and Note 10 Plus. Is it way better, or possibly worse?

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Max Tech says:

What did YOU think? Does the S20 Ultra have the best camera or would you go for something else?
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FlikM says:

My s20 ultra doesn't do that focusing hunting tho 🤔

Luca Guadagnino says:

I have:
S20+ |8
Note 10+ |11
S20Ultra |13

Bram Nels says:

Good video nobody have one like this

LimitIsIllusion says:

Oh shit, what a surprise, month old camera tech competes with new camera tech. Who would have imagined such a scenario, this is preposterous. This video is fake news

Maximus Asauluk says:

Shameful Samsung

Joseph Barney says:

Software updates will fix all issues I'm thinking but yeah, that's pretty cool to see the results on release. Usually on release they have all the bugs or almost all worked out.

Mr. Orange says:

W*F?!?!?!?Why didn't I watch this video before actually purchasing Galaxy S20 Ultra ????!!!!!!

Grega B says:

This is fake, i have s20 ultra and note 10+, and s20 ultra is better in every aspect, 10+ cannot compare with it. So stop posting fake videos, misleading people like that.

Benedictus Ivan G says:

samsung cannot using the telephoto lens in low light you can see when the light is goes down like in the room witouth light adn go outside room with light the change the lens but the zoom crop is still same but the lens is using the normal lens

Endi Kalaja says:

So ur saying that my note 10+ is a beast 😂😂😂

Roger Huston says:

It seems like most of these problems can be fixed via software over time. It's all new on the Ultra so it will take time to figure out.

Coza Pro says:

keep in mind everyone, phones at launch usually have trouble with camera quality due to software, it takes a while to tune it perfectly. the reason the Note 10 did better is because of the amount of software update its received over the months since its release. the S20 and ultra may be newer and " better" but the software hasnt been fined tunes to reach its max potential yet. in a couple more updates the s20 will get way better its just a baby rn. DO NOT TAKE THIS VIDEO TOO SERIOUSLY

Jerome Dubouzet says:

Guess I'm staying with the 10 Series for now. Got too excited with the S20 Ultra early this year, until the reviews started coming in.

rmp5s says:

Wait until the S20s get an update or two…especially the Ultra.

Dylan Power says:

I have a iPhone XS Max and will always be a iPhone user but if I had to buy a Samsung phone now it would be the note 10 plus.

Shobhit Pal says:

Note 10 + still king period untill note 20

Daniel Bob says:

I have the Note and I can't believe this video . I was thinking about S20 series they have the best cameras from Samsung. The 100X zoom on S20 ultra and the fact S20 series have a better processor , S20 ultra being more powerfull than Note 10 + , that will not change my mind about the ideea of my phone after watching this video.
Btw , that is a correct comparation .Good luck , guys .

PsyRa says:

Don't forget that the s20 ultra is like not even a month old so software updates will fix this they use new sensors and lenses but old software so samsung has to fix this and they will

Pablo Gonzalez says:

Note 10 plus Aurora glow beatiful…

Edember Ruazol says:

I have S10, is it good as that Note 10??

Goku Ultra Instinct says:

So basically the title of this video is
"which picture my friend like"

TechnoMoto with RK - Ravindra Kharatmol says:

I m so lucky to I have Note 10plus, thank ü for showing more details…..

thegammer kosova says:

Im glad that i didn't wait for s20 and buy the note 10+

Jason Phelps says:

S20 Ultra is garbage. I pre-ordered one and tested it out. The focus hunting makes you sick. Returned it next day.

Villiam Hansen says:

You should have used xiaomi mi mix alpha vs s20 ult. Same camera, but almost 6 months in release difference.

most succeed sperm says:

I don't need wide angle camera bcz I have paranoma

Tyler Kane says:

These r nothing like the s20ultra pictures… The s20ultra never has a problem w sky so idk how or what pictures u took.

Anna Kincaid says:

If you could do one of these with just video comparisons since I us mobile film makers are compare these for their video quality. like every day normal things inside, outside cloudy, rainy and so on all those elements and conditions you would be using this camera in. 🙂 8K is useful for some things but I feel that isn't important to compare since it would be good for sit down or tripod type video….thank you for making this video thought my results were for photos the S20+ and video the S20 Ultra.

Bruce Crossan says:

So at 2:20 these images are not shot at the exact same time as each other so how can you compare? So how many others were also shot at different times? #Fail

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