Unbiased Pixel 4a vs iPhone SE Camera Comparison: BLIND!

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Vadim has NO IDEA which smartphone took each photo, so this camera comparison is completely UNBIASED! Let’s see which phone he chose the most!
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Google JUST released their Pixel 4a budget smartphone for only $349! It packs a single camera and an edge-to-edge display which definitely looks more modern than the iPhone SE!

The only downside is that the processor isn’t very powerful, but this video is all about the cameras!

Vadim has no idea which photo was taken with which phone, so let’s see how many times he chose the Pixel photo over the iPhone photo.

This will be interested because Vadim has an iPhone 11 Pro and he definitely prefers his iPhone photos.

Apple’s iPhone SE features the same design as the iPhone 8, but with a new A13 chip and new camera software.

Let’s see which 2020 budget smartphone wins!

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Max Tech says:

Were you as surprised as we were when you saw the Final Tally? Comment your thoughts below! Which Phone is BETTER!?
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Watch the FULL Comparison video ➡ https://youtu.be/BMPoCf6y7l8

Sylvain Max says:

Why Vadim used to say he is Max ?

Joey Blight says:

Wow makes me wanna go for the pixel 4a but no ill wait for 4a 5g or 5 cause i need a better gpu.

Kedar Punagin says:

The pixel 4a has a good camera, and pure android is all fun and good, but I'd still pick the iphone because of the build quality and the support, and because of how good and well and smooooth and iphone works,😀

A.B. Stuff says:


CooL L Smalls Tech 4k says:

You know you ready that gp4 Is better in pictures but not good in video

Ygor Cortes says:

Absolutely fantastic comparison! Thanks a lot for this 👏🙏

Btw you should've used the panorama mode inside Photo Sphere on the Pixel, the Pixel's panorama mode is absolute garbage, but Photo Sphere has impressive quality!

wolfhead Leo says:

Google the best!

Akash Lagun says:

Best camera comparison.
Well done! 👌🏻

Ionut Cosmin says:

Dinamic range gives up the iphones.

Solomon's Tech says:

Man the 4a mops the floor with the SE

Shashank Yadav says:

I was thinking that u r the same guy.

Justin Harnett says:

The panorama with the 4A did it actually work rather than making a VR?

Hani Mohamed Bioud says:

Waw the PIXEL 4A!

felson renz says:

The Brothers are back! Nice to see you guys again!

Neil Fordan says:

I like how every video of the 4a make you question your whole life because you chose to buy the SE 2020 and is actually happy with it.

Gerardo Cortázar Borja says:

Pixel's camera ist just way better (well not the camera, the photo processing). However iPhone's camera isn't bad, it's just not as good al Pixel's. Bute remember the price of both, they're both pretty cheap. Nice video guys!

worldwidehappiness says:

iPhone video is miles better.

Oliver Henderson says:

Thanks for this video. You made my choice easier!!! (Pixel 4A FTW)

solo says:

i am now sure the 1000 $ phones don't make any sense

Ankit Bhagat says:

Apple iPhone SE- 4
Google Pixel 4a- 21

Franciszek Czajkowski says:

actually one of the best comparisons yet great job

Alex Kapsimalis says:

love this format 🙂

Baba Ladala says:

Pixel 4a rip the ass of se😄😄😄😄☝️

Tamim Koroni says:

U guys look like twins to the point that if u switch guys switch channels, the fans won’t even notice😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Brent Smithline says:

Looks like Apple needs to do some work after looking at this clip.

Pollux Chung says:

The results are no surprise.

Nn J says:

Bro it is really nice comparison. Well proudly say you make difference in comparison….

SR shubham says:

Really so much guiding! Thanks
I gonna wait for pixel!

ChrisGTXvideos says:

Awesome Video Again , it’s so cool to see this Comparison . Few Surprises too . Thank You

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