Unbiased iPhone SE vs 11 vs XR Camera Comparison!

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How much worse is the camera on the iPhone SE compared to the more expensive iPhone 11 and iPhone XR? Our tallied results at the end might actually shock you!
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In this video, we compared the cameras on the iPhone SE, the iPhone 11 and the iPhone XR. We call this an unbiased comparison because neither of us know which phone took which picture.

We actually have Angelika put these photos together for us, so there will be some very interesting results!

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Yunhao Lin says:

R they brothers?

TwistedMusic Videos says:

Best budget iphone is not the SE but the XR

Marco Milone says:

Where is the video with the comparison to the pixel 3a?

KnifelyBos says:

Funny how every tech reviewer loves to shit on XR camera but when compared sidebyside without names, the XR gets picked almost more often then the newer phones

Romi says:

I got 4 for SE, 5 for XR and 7 for 11

Mr_No_Name says:

How can you be biased they are from the same company you never write unbiased with apple vs samsung

Jk great video xD

Rennie Ash says:

This test is perfect for these guys because they also look very similar 😉
I mean one has Beard Mode but we won't vote on that

Jyoti Nayak says:

Performance of SE looks really great !

THE END says:

Bro don't say iPhone too loudly my father hates iPhone but I love watching ur videos

Meissnerflux says:

Fun test. It's a good way to judge without prejudice. Seems to depend on scene conditions. If only apple weren't lazy with the SE2 and gave it a newer sensor . Imagine the XR sensor with an A13 chip ( might not fit into 8's chassis, or is apple just getting cheap on us?)

the Original SE had the current gen camera (6s at the time). But the SE2 uses a sensor 2 gens old…

Gevorg Petrosyan says:

7 iph11
6 xr

Ivan Brik says:

Great video! Please compare SE to i8;)

Daniel P says:

Are they brothers

Jamil Tan says:

Iphone se + neuralcam

nayan pawar says:

Oneplus 8 pro, Apple 11 or Xr which on I choose plz suggest??? Am totally confused.

no ch says:

you are almost identical

Trishanth Thanendran says:

Most of the time I couldn't even tell a difference between the 11 and SE they look good even the XR

Rafique Hola says:

Are they brothers?

sam guapo says:

Key learning of the video. Who cares. Except for night mode. They all took great photos. It's like the notch and bezel issues. Who cares. Can't have everything. For price consideration, SE's are a killer. For night mode, spend for it. If you're a budding videographer, 11's will do. But who needs 4K anyway?

T Jackson says:

I hate the new comment section

ComicKish says:

what a waste of time and ur time and all the worlds time

Lee says:

I would get the iPhone SE if I were a teenager or broke.

Islam Lover says:

Bro, One plus 8 vs Samsung Galaxy note 10 review plz..

Hosni Guiling says:

I wasn't surprised with my results. iPhone 11.

Bill CT says:

Be good if night mode was compared to an older phone like let’s say an 8 plus using the NeuralCam App

Darrel Daley says:

I didn't realize their were two of you…

Alex Alucard says:

SE : 6
11 : 6
XR : 4
For the price the SE is the best choice for a smartphone camera right now

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