UMIDIGI Power 3: Unboxing the Quad Camera Power Monster

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Unboxing the great features of #UmidigiPower3, the quad camera power monster! #PowerMonster Buy now from $169.99,

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Rodrigo AGomes says:

Vou ganhar no sorteio com certeza, lindaço…

Mako Medina says:

Calidad precio el mejor

Geeky Stuff says:

The camera setup looks nice on the back!

Leonel Martinez says:

Hey umidigi can you send this phone to my friend El jefe reviews to review it he has a YouTube channel thanks would appreciate

Sandeep Bamaniya says:

Please launch this product in india

Trùst Mé says:

Don't confuse they clearly showing powerful from the view of battery capacity not the processor

ProsaNto TheStupiD says:


George Ibrahim says:

I wish to win this mobile please to review it on my channel and to tell my friends about it
Thank you

DC says:

Hope they fixed the terrible call speaker quality on these. Had to send a power and a5 back.

Yu vin Diesel says:

Come India…

prabhat gupta says:

When come to India

Ritam Das says:

Price in india?

Ratha Angkor says:

The smart phone Umidigi power 3 is safe 100% for take travel by airplane?

john mico Bumagat says:

Where to buy

Lautricienne says:

I bought one year ago. Came back for this one too 🙂


Can you please bring it to India.

Joel Lopez says:

es la primera vez que adquiero un producto Umidigi, espero que Umidigi no me decepcione, buenas especificaciones a bajo costo, se me hace un poco raro, pero que más da esperar y cuando llegue el paquete probar si es cierto todo lo de la publicidad
Saludos desde MX

Обзоры телефонов и других гаджетов из Китая says:

Очередной смартфон с кучей красивых циферок, и в реальности со сплошными багами. Для любителей потерпеть за 180$. Удачи, терпилы!

I I says:

Just bought it now, thank you!

Mamta Hasam says:

Its truly a complete device…im really very impressed im gonna buy as soon as possible 😍😍😍😍


This beautyful

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