Ultimate PoE Security Camera System: Reolink Review

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Reolink Bullet Cam (RLC-410) ➜ http://amzn.to/2CBImdD or Reolink Store: http://bit.ly/PoE-410
Dome Cam (RLC-422) ➜ http://bit.ly/PoE-422
NVR 2TB 8-Channel ➜ http://amzn.to/2CBuQXh or Reolink Store: http://bit.ly/PoE-NVR

My Reolink ARGUS Review: https://youtu.be/ZJVbf9XY7Do

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This is a PoE (Power Over Ethernet) security camera system, perfect for your home or business. I’ve been testing it for a while now, and I really enjoy all the pro features that Reolink provides at the affordable price point. No monthly cloud subscription fees required which is a GREAT feature! Mobile, desktop apps allow you to live stream and record all the camera angles. PoE offers power and data over a single ethernet line providing system security and reliability (sometimes wifi cameras can lag, cutout, etc. Ethernet hardwired can offer higher reliability). I highly recommend checking them out. (If you don’t already have the ethernet lines run, then their WiFi cams might be the better option, stay tuned for that video coming soon!)

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AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke says:

I just want to say, if you scrolled down here and watched the video – HUGE THANKS!
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Gene Simmons says:

Interesting. My current ADT Pulse system (wireless) has no real security. The camera system is being spoofed daily and overtly jammed several times a year. Was even spoofed-jammed in the presence of the ADT tech, who had no comment beyond "I've never seen this happen during the 6 years I've been with ADT". He promptly phoned his support center, system was rebooted remotely and tech departed, stating 'he had another appointment' – nothing has changed and I have not quite 2 years left on my contract. Have about $2k tied up in my present system and 'true security' isn't being provided.

madcow usa says:

You'll likely be clearing spider webs daily, at least around here. The faint IR glow and slight warmth of the camera attracts bugs which attracts web-building spiders. At night the IR brightly illuminates the webs washing out the image and setting of motion detection in the slightest breeze. Haven't really found a good solution and don't want to spray bug poison over entryways etc.

Arsalan says:

How do these camera do in Canadian winter? I live in Edmonton.


Hello, if we have audio PoE camera, and we put an HDMI cable, do we have audio via the HDMI cable?

Jared Wolfe says:

Great video but the music was distracting while you were explaining things.

lawman722 says:

with the camera setting being 24/7 can you still zone a specific area on one of the cameras to get alerts from that specific dedicated camera?

Got_nuffin_on_me says:

Excellent review. I've just purchased a handful of Reolink POE cameras. Will power them via a POE Router. Can the NVR be attached seperately on the home network and still detect the Cameras operating that are on the network then import them?

Izzy’s Channel says:

with the constant 24/7 recording are you still able to create a zone and receive a alert if motion is detected? say for example you ant to zone a pathway to a persons front entrance or driveway? thank you in advance….

Harry M says:

it is not a good idea to go wireless in anything security-related. no, wired is the way to go. wireless has too may issues.

Mcrambro says:

All these security camera videos on YouTube and not one person has there nvr in a secure location, burgler steals nvr you have 0 footage…

The Viking says:

Need to add, there is "no phone support" with issues you might have.. Only online support and it takes 1-2 days for answers.. The dome cameras have junk blue plastic retainers with small screws that secure the camera in housing.. The pop out very easy and get lost..The camera ball rests on internal tabs and make it hard to adjust due to the camera wire hitting the tabs. Make sure you mount the camera with the internal tabs in mind.. If you dont, you will not be able to move the ball in the direction you want.. For some reason the cameras would not operate with a 100ft cat5e lines.. They cameras would go out after a couple of minutes.. Not sure if was the NVR or the cameras, the system was returned after 3 days.

Thingy 1972 says:

I think I'd set one up in the attic to catch when it snows up there…😋

pppscooby says:

Hi, can it read car license plates?

דקל הפקות says:

I just want to verify what you said in minute: 4:01 that you can record with the client software in PC fully with all the settings [Full recording. Motion detection recording only and 24/7 Schedule ]. tanks

Enzo Pulido says:

Hi if ever i want to add more camera from 8ch nvr, can i put a network switch and plig additional cameras there?

Karl Stephens says:

Agreed Riolink is good stuff. I bought one cam to check it out. Very happy. Bought another. I will buy the DVR next and record 24/7. Seems robust and pretty stable. Love the software phone and Desk top.

Tom Ross says:

I have a similar very good POE system by Hikvision…..I started with 4 dome cams but be aware that although great in daylight there are problems at night. If the domes get any water droplets on them or the little bits of deposits from dried droplets it can play havoc with reflections from the internal IR emiters….try looking at an image in pitch black in a rain storm with the IR emitters on….its like big blobs of blurring making the picture of no use.

For this reason I swapped one of them for a 'pignose' type where the IR emiter is located away to one side of the lens so its great in the above conditions with no internal reflections off the domes.

On the other cams I have turned off the inbuilt IR emiters and use a seperate IR emiter mounted away from the cam….this is a great work around as you can get some pretty powerful IR emiters off Ebay etc for pretty cheap prices…it switches on when the light drops low just like the one in the cam and has a much greater range right across the street and even in rain is a perfect picture

I am lucky as I live in a bungalow (UK single story house) so its easy to clean the domes just using a step ladder but unless vandal proofness and no need for night use are your primary goals , knowing what I know now I would go with bullet or pignose type cams…..I would only consider dome cams for indoor or daylight use only.

samlol23 says:

Your review is fantastic. You speak clearly and concisely, hit every relevant point and I enjoyed watching. It is probably because of you that I'm going to purchase this setup. If they do any type of affiliate link please point me in the right direction so I can show a small bit of gratitude. I have already subscribed

Poppie says:

I have 3 RLC-410 bullet cameras, and I use Blue Iris software to monitor those 3 plus several other cameras. The videos/snapshots are recorded to my desktop PC, and I usually move those files to a large storage drive every day or two. My cameras have already solved one crime that one of our neighbors ran into and destroyed another neighbor's mailbox and kept going. You could hear the sound of the crash and watch the mailbox go sailing across the yard. I plan to replace my other cameras with Reolink cameras as they provide excellent videos. I use POE, and have old routers that I converted to access points with injectors to power the cameras using a long ethernet cable. I use a Netgear EX2700 wifi extender to power the access point routers, so that I can connect multiple ethernet cables to the old router, and then to the multi-port injector, and then just the ethernet cable from the injector to the camera. Sweet. It's just another way to do this.

Glen Atchison says:

This guy sounds EXACTLY like Samcrac

Thomas Wai Pun says:

I own this system too. I agree with everything you said in the video. My only big concern is the Noisy NVR. I don't live in a big house. I can hear the cooling fan noise from my bedroom during night time. I set up the NVR in the living room. I hope the company will provide solution.

Cyberslug1 says:

Seems like a nice setup but I got hooked on the Lorex 4K after I seen my friend's. It has the best color and clarity of any home camera system I have ever seen.

ramzacloud10 says:

Your attic looks like a dream job haha I wish all attics were as big as yours

busa King says:

@3:38-camera 2 makes your grass look like shag carpet. Why is that?

Nick Leffler says:

I love ReoLink, I just wish they were like most other companies that make different lens size cameras.

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