ULTIMATE 2019 Smartphone Camera Comparison

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With the launch of the OnePlus 7 Pro, we can finally call it the end of the first half of the year for flagship smartphones! But which one has the best camera? We compare the OnePlus 7 Pro against the Samsung Galaxy S10+, the iPhone XS Max, the Google Pixel 3 and the Huawei P30 Pro to find out!

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PhoneArena says:

Thanks to Skillshare for sponsoring this video! First 500 people will get a FREE 2-month trial here: https://skl.sh/phonearena

IAmGoombaSniper says:

What are your P30 Pro's settings, it looks messed up definitely does not look like this on mine..

Arvizas TIPSLT2 - Reviews, Gameplay & Vlogs says:

Oneplus is the worst of these cameras..

i raul says:

Dude, clean the fingerprint marks from the Huawei p30 pro's cameras. Don't be a douche.

superdragonheroes says:

Finally an honest comparison, I didn't understand why even though having 3xl, p30 pro and xs Max pixels, the much publicized huawei was clearly inferior apart from the zoom.

mnguyea says:

I think the Pixel 3 maybe 'darker' a bit more contrast and overall the better picture to my eye but people tend to like images that are brighter and slightly overexposed like the iPhone. Where the Oneplus and Samsung are perfectly decent photo mid of the pack where as the P30 is rubbish. Not sure why its gotten so much hype lately.

Muhammad Awais says:

Worst comparison ever…… giving iphone the max marks in daylight photos while clearly samsung was better in almost all of them…

Vhsss Tv says:

1 one plus 7
2 p30
3 s10
4 pixel 3
5 iphone xs

All things considered that the real order of winners if you consider ( amount of cameras allowing more types of shots, editing you can do to optimize a flatter picture & price )

Eric Brink says:

Very bad comparison. Did not like this at all. You compared pictures with your opinion. Not facts. Unsubscribed from your channel.

Peter Ming says:

Suffice to say that Apple is back in the game with Xs after the disastrous X, but unfortunately still not there at nighttime photography. And P30 pro takes yellowish daytime image most probably because of its RYYB sensor. Overall winner is still the Pixel. If only Google would update its hardware design to much modern times.

MamKokotJakFujaru says:

Xperia 1? Nokia 9 PV?

Gabriel Gattringer says:

All these photos look usable for social media sharing. But I would definitely prefer any dedicated camera to one of these photos.

Filip 111 says:

Why did you praise the first picture taken with the iPhone? You said it looks vibrant and so on…But seriously, it was the most pale one out of the bunch lol

Hamad Hasan says:

Huawei looks worst….

americanv8ss says:

Your commentary doesn't match the pics AT ALL lol

7th Second says:

Your point system isn’t accurate, it depends on individual preferences

JASON.S says:

Pixel 3 is the winner for me

teja Brock says:

Worst camera comparison

Zmaj Od Bosne says:

Stopped watching after 1.17 minutes, and unsubscribed.

Karan Chopra says:

First pic: One pluses photo looks the best to me
Second pic: pixel or iphone, gonna give a slight edge to the iPhone
Third pic: I'm not sure, and I think we weren't shown the OnePlus one?
Fourth pic: Samsung and Huawei (I like the colours even if they may not be anything like real life)
Fifth pic: pixel
sixth pic: pixel
7th pic: Huawei
8th pic: pixel
9th: idk
10th: pixel

I'm impressed with the One plus, I didn't think it hold up this well. I'm curious what other people think is the best for each picture.

Bilal CW GnH says:

is it me or OP+7 pro camera is baaad lol?

WOLF - DARK says:

Sony Xperia 1 ??????

husseim aaa says:

Huawei uses sensor called red yellow yellow blue maybe that why there is a yellowish in most picture. I just think 😅 I don't know anything about camera things.

HAL 9000 says:

Um.. Xiaomi mi 9 actually have better cameras than the OnePlus 7 pro even after the updates…why you didn't include it?

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