Tried Shooting With A SMALL Camera Street Photos! Sony ZV-1 Compact

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Testing a small compact camera for street photography. Sony ZV-1 photos review.
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Pierre Lambert says:

Damn this was FUN to shoot with! Which one is your favorite photo!?
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DrownjrDrown says:

a lot of your vids have been in chicago. are you living in my city?


Toujours au top3 des vidéos, j'adore. Ce sony me fait de l'œil. Actuellement j'ai un es70D ça vaut le coup de changer. J'aime bien la vidéo et la photo et je suis loin d'être Expert comme toi.
Super shoot continues 👍👍👍👍

Harry Price says:

Take the mask off in fresh air you are inaudible and look a Covid-1984 idiot

Skills Fahmi Official says:

Shoot by handphone please

s5han om says:

I 5hink ITS netter then a a6400 with the 16-50 Kit lens dir photos

JC26 says:

The true successor to the Sony DSC V1 2004 edition!

Now your Time says:

Hello sir I love sony camera .But I have no maney but I love make video please give me sony camera start my beter life please please please give me

Madison County Sound Labs says:

I use a Sony RX100 MK 5 for a lot of my street photography, some of the images from that camera have placed in competition.

DrPonce09 says:

Does anyone know am easy way (maybe someone already covered it in a video) to switch from Video to Camera on ZV1? Been using it for 2 weeks to record for vlogging but don't know how to switch it to Camera. Any help appreciated. Thanks.

David Chhom says:

anyone else nervous that he doesn't have a strap?!

Francisco Curet says:

Lots of videos of you taking photos, but almost no photos to look at, image quality?

Jealouzz- ច្រណែន says:

Bad camera ever!

Jonathan Bayu says:

i need sony zv-1 hehe

Aymane says:

you should try an old canon powershoot

Canal Tirsa says:

Thanks for the video, I think you forgot to talk about the quality of the pictures, but I liked your video

Micah Carrier says:

This or Lumix Zs200?

Romain Provost says:

Ca vaut quoi en qualité photos par rappport a un Sony RX100 VII ?

Laila Cabdi Guuleed says:

where i can get to buy!🙆‍♂️

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