Travel Camera Comparison – Sony RX10m3, Sony A6500 or Sony A7rii

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Comparing the results of the 1inch sensor Sony bridge camera to the APS-c sensor A6500 and Sony’s Full-Frame high MP A7rii. The results surprised me.


Jerry S'alur says:

nice to have the money to choose….

nocoolname32 says:

how can you make decision without covering video capabilities? for me video is 50% of what I'm shooting.

Scott's Reviews says:

Wow and now the mark 4 is out fixing the reason I sold the mark 3. Autofocus. says:

thank you for taking the time to put together this thoughtful vid and for sharing your experiences. i am thinking of the rx10v3 for an upcoming tanzania safari where i just might need all of that 600mm. i have also read/seen good reviews of sony's clear scan implementation. any thoughts on clear scan? lastly, do you use the video mode in the rx10v3 and if so, i look forward to your thoughts. again, thanks and thumbs up.

aftab Babar says:

I am a traveler and have been looking to get an all-in-one camera with a decent sized sensor. sony rx10 mark 4 is out now but i was still not sure about the ability of 1 inch sensor. I want long zoom but didn't want to get a small sensor camera at the same time. I was at an dead end street where I was unable to decide which will fulfill the 80% of my needs. Now that I have seen how well the sony 1" sensor has preformed against the much bigger sensor and still get 600mm zoom, I think you have helped me make up my mind. thanks for this very informative video. I think I see myself leaning towards the sony rx10 mark 4.

Patrick L says:

Nice comparison ! I've an A7 and also a RX100 M3, and I'll probably go towards the RX10 Mk3, because its versatility is so useful when travelling, that it is unique. Let's keeping my FF for artistics pictures, with wide aperture objectives and get nice bokeh. This travel companion is amazin in its features, and the 1" sensor is also impressive. Thanks for your video.

Bob Woodward says:

Compare the rx10 iii to the 100-300 lens on your micro 4/3 camera!


Ray Geary says:

Can not wait for lx200 love the lx100 spare

PhotoTrekr says:

I've been an amateur photographer for 40 years. Up until last year my travel cameras were all full frame. Last year I decided to take my Sony a6000 with the 16-70 and 70-300 lenses and leave my full frame kit at home. It worked great. I was satisfied with the results and didn't have to lug all my equipment around. This year I'm taking my RX10 III instead of the aps-c kit. I'll also have my RX-100 for a pocket camera. If I was younger I might still take all my full frame stuff. But, at 65 I don't want to carry all that stuff around anymore and the RX10 III works fine for my purposes.

Zefah says:

Great video. Got me to try out the RX100 V as a pocketable snapshot camera and it's great!

Hope you have more videos coming soon!

Steven Sager says:

thanks for making this. very interesting opinion

Dominik Niklaus says:

The sound of this video….cant watch it longer

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