TRAIL CAMERA REVIEW – Pros, Cons, and OUR Favorites

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Covert MP8 Camera –
Muddy Pro Cam 14 –
Muddy Pro Cam 20 –
Moultrie M999i –
Moultrie M40 –
Cuddeback 20MP Longrange IR –
Covert Blackhawk Cell Camera –
Covert Night Stryker (similar to Ted Miller’s camera) –

Python Locks –
Covert Lock Box –


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Justin Cooper says:

Thanks guys…i have 3 cameras and hate all of them…appreciate the reviews as season is only a short time away. Great work fella's. God bless and willing ill see another one of your videos.

compass504 says:

Great Video Guys. I'm trying to find out the operating temperature range of some of these cams. I've written Moultrie but no answer yet. Also, that lock.. Take a look at Bosnianbill's UT chan for info on that lock. An eye opener. Thanks guys.

Athene lee says:

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Yang Shirly says:

Hi guys, welcome to visit our camera too, good for security or hunting and ect.

Gary Jensen says:

wild game innovations. also use lithium batts. will last the entire season.

DELT Outdoors says:

I use the cuddeback cameras once you get use to the functions they are fairly easy to use I have 15 of these cameras. I have not had very many things set these off that gets missed. I bought five moultrie cameras they get set off from the slightest motion whether it is weeds or leaves just falling past the camera. I had one moultrie that had 8500 pictures on it only 500 were of animals.

memyselfandeye2 says:

Started with old Moultre white flash battery drainers back in the day, but they did have color night time pics. Been using Covert for the last 5 years or so. Bought one of the newer ones recently after using mostly Covert 40. This one is the Maverick model. The 1080p video is amazing. The Covert 40s were 720p and had viewer with sound. This particular Maverick has some sound recording issues but supposedly there is firmware to fix, but not heard back from Covert yet. Camera set up is different than the Covert 40 and takes little getting used to. Wish it had a bigger viewer screen. Some folks don't care about sound or even video for that matter, but once you start using it, the sound of a buck grunting and chasing doe in front of your camera or a turkey gobbling, booming and drumming 10 feet away is just friggin awesome. Enjoy your videos!

Dominik Wilson says:

Moultree is all I will buy now. I've had 1 behind myself for 3 years now still works great. It has literally been outside since I bought it years ago, and the batteries last forever. I now have 4 Moultree cams.

2bdefacto says:

Lot of deception going on at AMAZON regarding trail cams. False reviews. Why is there a different name for the makers of trailcams under the names Victon, Victonyus, Victor? This is all the same company. So why be sneaky? Whats behind being deceptive? EG When looking for a Sony TV, Sony is Sony. You may find knockoffs call Suny, Sory, Somy and others but these are NOT products of SONY. These are cheapo knockoffs hoping to fool you with similar sounding/looking names for SONY. Whats the deal with Victonyus, Victon, Victor and other pseudonyms. If you have a good product why be sneaky?

Danny Keck says:

I used to leave my trail cams out all year long. But I can't find one that will last year now.

Jerseyhighlander says:

I would've like to hear which ones, if any, aren't made in china. Like to put my money where my family is.
I am more and more convinced that half of this stuff that Amazon sells cheaper is factory refurbished/re-boxed defects or flat out seconds quality. Been seeing way too many problems with stuff from there.
Anything photography wise, I buy at B&H Photo/video, have been for years and never a problem.

L Z says:

What climbing sticks are u using most

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