Top 9 Bridge Cameras compared | Super zoom Cameras

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RyanBiscoBarnes says:

I would like to know which one is best for video and are camcorders any better. I'm only
talking about video.

Angelo Tsocos says:

4:13 – the Sony RX10 is actually a touch LCD (I own it) but you say it’s non-touch?

Jenerwen Pades says:

Hi im using canon sx70hs…

Rust Not says:

Lovely happy girl, rare find

the golden dubya says:

I got so stressed when they were holding the camera over the water.

Danny McNeal says:

I had the Nikon P1000 for about a week, but returned it just this morning, and bought the Sony RX10 IV. While I drooled over the Sony, I really didn’t want to spend the extra money for it—but I ended up biting the bullet. While I did get some great shots of backyard birds with the Nikon (the photo can be framed so well that no post cropping is needed), it was VERY cumbersome and VERY difficult to auto focus, as it kept hunting…and forget manual focus—way too slow and persnickety. I was also turned off by the poor low-light noise. I have a grandchild coming in early Oct, and I’m thinking the Sony wins out over the Nikon hands down. I enjoyed your reviews!

trin K. says:

Dude, where did you get that shirt!? I got mine during a trip to Portugal

Len Bruno says:

What IDIOT leans over railings without a strap on the camera & around your neck ??!!

J.Stormtracker440 says:

Stephanie is lovely to look at on your video. I got the Nikon P900 and use that on trips to parks like White Sands in New Mexico. I daily camera for good or decent photos I just got a Lumix FZ-300 because it's weather-sealed, speedy response, decent 24X optical zoom and I had an older Lumix FZ-200 a few years ago & got pretty good photos out of it. I'd stay away from the Kodak model on here tho as I have read on other Kodak cameras not being too good. Great video and enjoyed it with good information.

frut11 says:

Which one is the best I ask

Daniel Popa says:

Hello Matt, the bridge camera that I have… since 2013, is the Fujifilm Finepix HS35 EXR. I am surprised that you didn't have any Fujis in the lineup… but I don't know if they make bridge cameras anymore… anyway… it has a 24-720mm equiv. focal range (30x optical zoom) f/2.8 at the wide end and f/5.6 at the long end… The thing I love the most about it is the fact that it has a manual zoom ring like dslr/mirrorless lenses. you don't zoom by using a button or so, you must turn the ring to zoom… most bridge cameras don't offer that…. I also like the long zoom range, it's light, small, has raw shooting, full manual mode, in good light the images are wonderfull,.. The things I hate the most about it are the low light performance which is really bad and the lens flare… You can use it well if you are looking for that effect (I got some great shots like that pi posing a model with the sun behind or above), but if you aren't looking for that, well… you can't avoid it unless you get rid of the light sources in your shot…. If I am shooting at night, for example, btight street lights produce really ugly flares around them… anyway, a good camera for the rice I bought it for, it holds up great after all these years, although I don't shoot it as much since I started using DSLRs… How about you, Matt, have you ever used this model or a bridge camera from Fujifilm? If so, I would like your thoughts. Thanks. Have a nice day.

Mitch Durfee - Official says:

great video! I had to come back and watch again

johnny boye says:

So, it's not all bad with the Kodak then. ' eccentric, but musically entertaining '

Andrew Farrell says:

I was sorry to see that you didn't include the Fuji X-S1, a bridge camera that you reviewed long ago !
I'm still using it and love it !

With its 24 -624mm equivalent zoom range I'm sure it could keep pace with these newer cameras.

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