Top 7 Best Camera Review Channels, And The 3 Worst

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Here are the top 7 best camera review channels. These are my favourite camera channels on youtube. Best camera reviews, funniest people. Not just reading boring spec sheets, they have personality and are enjoyable to watch.

Max Yuryev

The Camera Store TV

Peter Gregg

Potato Jet

The Hybrid Shooter

Tony and Chelsea Northrup

DSLR Video Shooter



Jared Polin

Jason Lanier

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Sony x3000 for vlogs
Panasonic G85
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Mic J 044 lav mic
Zoom H1
Blue Yeti
Sennheiser e935
Rode Procaster
Presonus Audiobox 2×2 USB audio interface
Sennheiser HD 380 headphones
Canon SX50 for superzoom photos of wildlife and space

Reason 10 to make music
Akai MPK mini II
Best mini tripod


Convict Conditioing Book
Markus Rothkranz Greens Formula

Barefoot sandals
Most comfortable shoes ever!

Gigabyte Saber 15 laptop
Premiere Pro and Audition to edit video and sound


Camera Conspiracies says:

These are my favourite camera review channels on youtube. Go subscribe and tell them Camera Conspiracies sent ya 😉 Might get my name out there a bit. I know, shameless 😉

Max Yuryev

The Camera Store TV

Peter Gregg

Potato Jet

The Hybrid Shooter

Tony and Chelsea Northrup

DSLR Video Shooter



Jared Polin

Jason Lanier

scan for says:

lol, you ain't joking about Kinotika
, i've only watched one of his videos, and he already lost me on that one, the "DJI Osmo Pocket VS. GoPro HERO 7 Black – VIDEO COMPARISON" vidoe, at 4:03 he starts comparing audio quality from gopro and osmo pocket, and somehow got the conclusion the audio on the osmo pocket was better, i was like wtf, are we hearing the same thing? even if he wasn't able to tell when he was outside, he should of reviewed his own footage when he was at home and included it in the final thoughts.

Ronan Friel says:

Check out iphonedo. Some spec sheet stuff but some really funny pieces as well.

Anders Myhre Brakestad says:

You should look up Filmmaker IQ!

Cynical Views says:

Sony's first born would be the 1981 walkman.

Svetoslav Todev says:

I'll add more very good channels like:
1. "MAKE. ART. NOW." – He makes content only for video. Very talented and interesting to watch. You'll like it!
2. And your friend (I'm not sure why you not mentioned it. I came from his channel ) –
Gerald Undone
3. Last but not least one of my favorite – Peter McKinnon

Deja Poo says:

wheres kai if you like humour

Rob C says:

Is that a black fluffy little muff on you sternum… Damnit I wish I had a little muff on my chest… geez 🙄🙄🙄

Amy Wong says:

You were right….I don't care of art but I enjoyed watching Bob Ross! Oh, tell me about it….I am selling all my Nikon lenses and two old DSLR bodies. Thank you for making these great videos.

Hexspa says:

I think you should just stick with the G85 for life, grow old and ever more discontent with the baby duck.

Andy Andycapt says:

Jared polin has some eye issues

willian castaneda says:

I believe you missed “Peter McCormick”

Meroh says:

Where is DigitalRev and their Kai?

Tony Tadros says:

I would add the Angry Photographer. He's exceptionally well informed

Quadcopterguide says:

lol. "Table is clipping, my face is clipping. AAaaand I haven't clipped my fingernails"

Cristian Calhoun says:

Yeah, Jared Polin is definitely missing from the list, I feel. 🙂

Dave Maze says:

Well dang. Called me out. Thanks for being real.

Adam Insanoff says:

Recently I have discovered a channel of Terry Lane. He does not make videos for sake of making it or monetizing. He is a wise man who knows what he is talking about. Definitely check it out.

pogolas says:

Just discovered Jerald Undone. Impressed.

Hans Daily says:

The Everyday Dad and Kai W!

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