Top 5 Cameras You CAN Afford That Shoot Slo-Mo

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These are my top 5 cameras that the average consumer can actually afford without heavily breaking the bank. What’s your favorite slo-mo camera?

1. Sony RX100 V:
Sony RX100 IV:

2. Sony RX10 III:
Sony RX10 II:

3. Panasonic FZ1000:

4. GoPro Hero 5 Black:

5. Sony a6500:
Sony a6300:



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Hashim Muhammad says:

Wakanda forever.

mr nothing says:

Thanks. you are very well spoken. very organized, well made video.

Wolfman0706 says:

Watching "on a budget" camera videos just make me depressed at how poor I really am

Unleashed75 says:

you CAN afford?
Yes if you think everyone can afford $500 and above then you must be out of touch.
I really don't think this video should be titled like this.
Makes it sound like the cameras are Affordable, which may be affordable for the likes of you and I but i would not class these cameras as affordable.

Sinky says:

I upgraded from a Panasonic FZ150 to an FZ1000 and it was the worst mistake I've made. The FZ1000 was utter rubbish.

digital canon says:

Number one tip you don’t need to start the video saying what the title is.

Tycoon Records Productions says:

Chur Perth 👍🏽

ojoy1010 says:

This man's voice is like butter. Excellent sound quality.

925 MOTOR says:

Very good review!! Thumbs up!"!

Naughtyevi says:

"in 2019, this list helped me decide for the best compact camera hope it helps you out too!"

Akshay Raj says:

Why is Ivanka Trump your wallpaper.. Donald Trump wants to know your location..

Latha Latha says:

My budget 5000₹

Image Of Time Photography says:

Nonsense, you can use a camera that only cost $2500.00 and it will shoot at 21,600 fps
good image quality and the beast frame rate you will get for the price.. no camera at that cost can do this..
The Chronos High Speed Camera

Or if your looking for high res really awesome quality the for only $3,400.00 you can get the Sony-PXW-FS5-Professional-Camcorder-, which is a steal 240 fps..

Jay Rickard says:

Great information, thank you! Definitely have my eye on the Panasonic FZ1000

10:31 Productions, LLC says:

I never knew Maurice Harkless was so knowledgable on SloMo cams… Nice bro!!!

YouTube TV says:

My budget is 150€😂

Davao Photography says:

I like the color in your video. do you have tutorial on how to make this kind of video?

applechecker33 says:

What about the Chronos 1.4 or Chronos 2.0?

Alexander Suvorov says:

iPhone slow-motion recording option. It shoots up to 240fps.

Fariz says:

The Panasonic gh5 does 180fps in 1080p at amazing quality considering the frame rate. It's a micro 4/3 sensor camera and the gh5s does 1080p240fps, at very low bitrates. The 180fps has great bitrates I think maybe 200 Mb/s.

mbauer588 says:

I would say Chronos 1.4 or 2.1 and fps1000 or fps4000 – Real slow-motion cameras which reach 1000fps and even more for 2.000 till 6.000 USD.
Compared to a AOS, Phantom, Fasttec, … Slow Motion camera which start with there entry-level models between 14.000 USD and 25.000 USD a real bargin!
In that case is even 720p upscaled to 1080p quite useable. Have a look for the SlowMoGuys – there > 100.000 USD Phantoms also mostly don't record in 1080p – check the specs of the cameras and the framerates they use and you see what resolution has there footage.

onefortheguns says:

Anyone else get hyped at option 3?

Douglas Productions says:

My bank account is already on life support lmao. Great list man lots of details. really helped.

Adobert Mugyabuso says:

why Ihv not hear brands like canon and Nikon …or you not recommend them for video (mainly)

__ Chuox HD __ says:

+ Channel 8
Sony PXW-Z90
Today, Cameras shoot in 1080p resolution with up to 1000fps. So that what you showned was not very impressive :D.

Sam Sen says:

Enjoyed your presentation very much and well done.

May I suggest YI 4K Sports And Action Video Camera Night Black That Is Sold For About $100 As A Good Competitor For GoPro?

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