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I made this TOP 5 best superzoom cameras list based on my personal experience and research I made. All of those cameras are truly amazing, don’t really look at chronology/timeline of this list, because firstly I showed smaller sensor cameras with bigger zoom then I moved to larger sensor category. You can’t really go wrong with any of them! 🙂

Used videos comes from manufacturers of those cameras (for commentary purpose):
5. Sony HX300:
4. Nikon P900:
3. Panasonic Lumix FZ1000:
2. Panasonic Lumix FZ2500/FZ2000:
1. Sony RX10 IV:

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Katie says:

Too many of the Sony HX300 and HX400 suffer from the E:62:10 error issue, which often renders the image stabilization useless and cost a great deal to repair. Unfortunately nobody will guarantee the repairs will last any longer than the original. The originals often don't last more than 2-3 years with steady use. I can't recommend them any longer.

Sock Puppet says:

P900 or P1000 is the best

GDunc Filming says:

Im happy with my lumix fz330 it takes great photos and stunning 4k videos.

David Larson says:

Panasonic LUMIX FZ1000

Gord W says:

I have the fz1000 and a rx100m3
I couldn't use a camera with smaller than 1inch sensor anymore,
That said the fz330 is a fantastic bridge camera with great picture quality, surprisingly it didn't make your list

Sakthivel Natarajan says:

I like bird photography.
What kind of bridge camera is best for me sir.

500 subscribe no video says:

You forgot canon powershot (who say powershit is gay) is a monster

Jamil Abdrabba says:

Canon SX70 HS

Bryan Cavazos says:

I like that he says "in my opinion"

Christos Nioras says:

Lumix fz 2500 hands down if your priority is video.

Sony rx 10 iv is just a bit better for still photography but the price gap from the Lumix is steep

mohd DAWOOD says:

v good video
plz tell me best camara for video. new or old under $300.

Barry! giddey says:

Great line up of cameras-do like the P900📷

Wilderness Music says:

I went with the FZ200 because of the speed of the lens at 600mm.

D C Varghese says:

How come all of them are Japanese products ?

D C Varghese says:

What about Nikon p2000 with 200x Zoom

jiggajayp says:

Nikon P1000

Bowtech2 says:

Panasonic FZ300.

Aleksandr Malakhov says:

Thank you…

Boss says:

Where is canon sx60 hs?

Bernard Martin says:

Nikon P900 has a 83x zoom and Nikon P1000 a 125x zoom, both only have 16 Mpx and 1/2,3" sensor. Good for marketing but these giant zooms are too much to handle for a tiny sensor, the quality can never be good. For a good quality it's better to have less zoom with a bigger sensor (FZ1000 & FZ2000, RX10 III & IV)

Maru Chan says:

Good polish accent

Tony Kibbie says:

First, please understand that this is NOT a troll message, but rather a call for help.

Dear M-Galaxy:
I really wanted to hear what you had to say, but while I am sure that you know much more about photo gear than me, I cannot understand too much of what you say due to your very heavy accent, which is sad.
So sorry and no offense intended.

Swedes racist pigs says:

The king of zooming camera is P1K

NIFTY says:

Where is Nikon P1000.

Maciej Jankowski says:

I prefer to buy Nikon Coolpix P1000 but … Sony RX10 iv are the best except for price

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