TOP 5: Best Point And Shoot Camera 2018

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TOP 5: Best Point And Shoot Camera 2018
►Sony Cyber-shot RX100 V
✔US Prices –
✔UK Prices –
✔CA Prices –
✔GER & EU Prices –

►Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II – Best Camera For Vlogging
✔US Prices –
✔UK Prices –
✔CA Prices –
✔GER & EU Prices –

►Sony DSC-RX100/B – Budget Point and Shoot Camera
✔US Prices –
✔UK Prices –
✔CA Prices –
✔GER & EU Prices –

►Fujifilm X100F
✔US Prices –
✔UK Prices –
✔CA Prices –
✔GER & EU Prices –

✔US Prices –
✔UK Prices –
✔CA Prices –
✔GER & EU Prices –


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シhaadiya says:

damn ive been itching to get a camera but ig i didnt know what i was in for once i checked the prices

Israel Segura Gonzalez says:

My personal ranking of advanced p&s I have used:
4- canon g7x and g9x m2.
3- Sony rx100 m3
2- lumix lx100
1-Fuji x100s

Claude Bechard says:

Which camera would be best for me if I am not a video shooter

Happy Noob says:

lol 999th like

Ed Perez says:

Great review, too bad smart phones have taken these bricks out of the market. New phones have amazing cameras fit in your pocket, with features like portrait, panorama, ECT with a great mic. Sry bulky cameras y'all are history

Yoshi Todo says:

Did you say RX100 Vee? 😂

tean tan says:

Fujifilm X100F is specialist compact 1 fixed focal length, I won't recommend it here really. Very soon the user will be get bored of it.

Miguel Alvarez says:

Cameras look so much cooler with steel frames and black grips butttttt it needs WOOD like half of the black grip be wood.

Tim Tümpel says:

It seems to me that u've just compared specslists from the prospects of any camera.

Southsideman says:

could you have a man holding it so we see how big it is and how it holds in the actual hands?

Nate Kz says:

Great vid! Details on the point

11Sexypapichulo says:

I need some advice. I need a point and shoot camera that will work great in low light, no grainy videos, good in loud music, record in HD, have a good zooming capability and stabilizer at an affordable price. I like the video quality of the Panasonic Lumix ZS60 but its too expensive for me.

Mike says:

The V is the Roman numeral for the number five, Mark 5.

Ian Buchan says:

What about the Olympus pen series, I have had mine for 3 years now with no problems

라사 says:

I'm looking for a compact camera that'll resemble a dslr in quality (focus, zoom, photo/video) but for traveling and daily carry. Price is not a problem with me. Which camera do you recommend?

Playdust says:

why is there no g7x mark 3 in 2018

MAKSTR says:

Sony RX 100 VI?

Mickey Romeo says:

fuji x100 is awful at close ups. try it you'll see.

RufusLeakin says:

I have the Canon G7X ll and I'm happy with the low light performance and the upgraded processor. I hope when the G7X lll comes out, they will add a viewfinder.

Sayed Youssef says:

This is a pretty good review for camera lovers. These days if you have an actual point and shoot on you and take a picture, people think it's weird. This should have more views.

mrbyam64 says:

7:57 I see why you picked this camera hahaha

Mike D says:

Help needed from any kind soul who knows their compact cameras! I'm looking for a travel compact but it's so difficult to choose! Have narrowed it down to below options based on current UK prices/offers, but am wary of spending out on the top two if the upgrade won't be noticeable in the hands of an amature like myself. Wondering if the GX9 ii might be the value shout, cheap for a relatively recent model?

RX100 i – £239
GX 9 ii – £299
RX100 iii – £425
GX 7 ii- £480

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