Top 5 Best Instant Cameras | Best Polaroid Camera

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Top 5 Best Instant Cameras | Best Polaroid Camera
The instant camera is a type of camera which uses self-developing film to create a chemically developed print shortly after taking the picture. Polaroid Corporation pioneered (and patented) consumer friendly instant cameras and film, and were followed by various other manufacturers.The instant camera developing process combines colors the same basic way as slide film. It has the same layers of light-sensitive grains as traditional film, all arranged on a plastic sheet.
Impossible Project I-1 Analog Instant Camera – ,
Lomography Lomo’Instant Instant Film Camera – ,
Prynt Pocket, Instant Photo Printer for iPhone, smartphone – ,
Leica Sofort Instant Camera – ,
Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera – ,
Instant camera – ,
Product and gear – ,
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Impossible Project I-1 Analog Instant Camera –
The Impossible Project I-1 Analog Instant Camera is an easy-to-use point and shoot instant camera, with a variety of unique and innovative features designed to take your photography further. Works with both Impossible I-Type and 600 type film. The I-1’s uniquely designed ring flash provides a diffused light that’s perfect for portraits.
Lomography Lomo’Instant Instant Film Camera –

Extend the borders of instant photography with Lomography’s first dedicated instant camera, the Lomo’Instant! The camera has an advanced lens system, 3 shooting modes and a fountain of fun features such as unlimited multiple exposures, color flash gels, infinite long exposures and easy focusing.

Prynt Pocket, Instant Photo Printer for iPhone, smartphone –
The Prynt Pocket turns your iPhone into a palm-sized instant camera. Print any photo saved to your phone or favorite social networks, anywhere. But there’s more. The Prynt app enables you to add a video inside your photo.

Leica Sofort Instant Camera –

Leica Sofort is an instant camera designed to capture those spontaneous moments in life.
Your ideal creative companion, this versatile camera makes the perfect photographic partner at festivals, gigs, parties and more, capturing mini-sized memories to be shared forever.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 90 Neo Classic Instant Film Camera –

The instax mini 90 offers advanced features, such as bulb and double exposures, that are attractions of traditional analog cameras and offer an enhanced capability to capture light creatively. The instax mini 90 is also equipped with new functions and features like macro mode and high performance flash, making this an instant camera for every photographer developed under the concept ‘NEO CLASSIC.’

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Jacopo Abbruscato says:

I don't like how the small size seems to be the most important feature in these products. Bigger films are better.

James Lane says:

Meh, nothing will beat my Mamiya RB67 with the Polaroid back once One Instant is funded and is in the production phase

Harvie Woolley says:

Can the pictures be used in the emulsion transfer process like the old Polaroid film? If so, I will try it, if not, not interested.

YoutuMax says:

Instax mini is trash

Hubert Ryciak says:

What about instant pocket for IPhone?

Maria Moore says:

These Airbnb commercials are really annoying! Jeez

Alex Gonzalez says:

How much should I charge a photo of them

William Parrilla says:

I love the phone ones,the problem is,i can not use it with my otter box and thats where it fails.

Censored says:

It would be nice if you could add like the amazon price or something

Code Orion says:

Fuji neo classic. how i love that cool classic look.

Peter Productions says:

the Impossible Project is now named Polaroid Originals.

Josef Holzer says:

They're overpriced! And before getting the picture home there going to be damage.

Mesfire 1 says:

Man those cameras are soo inspiring im smiling this whole video!!

wonho is my daddy says:

My dad's gonna buy me the Instax Mini 9 on my birthday

arraia lionheart says:

The girl in the first video looks and sounds like Grace Neutral

jazzy girl says:

i hate the mini films tbh :/

Alexander Kirsch says:

I bought the Impossible I-1 and it's a horrorable cam. It sucks the battery empty all the time. Has a lot of problems with light metering and the viewfinder is unusable. They don't produce it anymore.

MAKSTR says:

The camera with a good exposure meter wins and it's only the camera using smart phone features, all other have limited features and poor exposure meter.Fuji could have done a better job and Lomo too!

ruidiw212 says:

Doesnt seem like a complete list if you left out the instanflex tl70

Brett Minogue says:

awesome video

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