TOP 5: Best Entry Level DSLR Camera For Beginners 2018

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Learn To Take Better Photos & Videos:
►Canon EOS Rebel T6
✔US Prices –
✔UK Prices –
✔CA Prices –
✔GER & EU Prices –

►Nikon D3400
✔US Prices –
✔UK Prices –
✔CA Prices –
✔GER & EU Prices –

►Canon EOS Rebel SL2
✔US Prices –
✔UK Prices –
✔CA Prices –
✔GER & EU Prices –

►Canon EOS Rebel T7i
✔US Prices –
✔UK Prices –
✔CA Prices –

►Nikon D5600
✔US Prices –
✔UK Prices –
✔CA Prices –
✔GER & EU Prices –


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Talking way too fast. What is the camera you are using to film with?

Nicolas Kieffer says:

I hesitate between the D3500 and the D5600

Camilo Pachon says:

I wanna get into photography, but………DANG! All that info just fried my brain

No ThAnKs says:

I need help to pick a camera for astrophotography my budget is 300 .Thanks

MrTheUtubewatcher says:

anything over 300 is not a starter thats a singificant inviestment.

The_B.I.B. says:

4:55 The new 7i is the newest in the T-SERIES

Daniel Spear says:

500 is not cheap. google the definition of cheap

Heather boyle says:

I know this is a little thing but i like how your pricing is in uk prices as well so many only have us prices.

Informative video

Samuel Acevedo II says:

I'm sold on the Canon T7i and I just ordered it. WOOT!

Azael Garza says:

I've never disliked a video, this s my first. You speak gibberish to a beginner and don't even drop the prices . Thanks for literally nothing

nathan Reed says:

Yeah its ONLY $500

Doug Potoksky says:

The best and only way to learn. Take your camera and take lots of photos. In many different settings. And lighting. I know because my work is in the Smithsonian, many music magazines, two photography books- one hit one, photos in the Boston Globe, one photo in a movie. And lots more. I have no schooling or training. Never compare yourself to anyone and go for it! Ps. Nikon still ignores me and the photo magazines etc. Because I do not play the rules they all set! No! I do not have the best equipment. Only what I can afford. Still using Nikon d300!

Anthony Sparacio says:

Youi talk to fast.

Santhosh Pream says:

I'm switching from Samsung gear to DSLR for 360 virtual tours.what will be the best choice with samyang 8mm.i have breif knowledge about photos since I'm in VFX for years.Note I'm from India


Hello guys and girls

I have 1000 dollars saved and I am looking for a camera that provides great performance, any advice ?

Man Joe says:

1:35 yeah ok, only $500 bucks…. Gtfoh

Lupita Nopal says:

I want the T7i but it's so pricey. :/ I've seen some below $600 but the sellers seem like gray markets.

Emi Bam says:

which lens are u using for the nikon d3400

mohd DAWOOD says:

good video. plz tell me which camara is good. Nikon d3300 and Sony a58 and manual flash will work on this camara.

Shankrith S says:

What about mirrorless cameras say the canon m50

MrCrandman says:

What about the Eu versions?

Traby J3 says:

Snapbridge for Nikon wireless transfer from camera to mobile device sucks!

Mista J says:

Since when did the kit lens change it's max arperuture to 4 from 3.5 ?

- InfectiouS - says:

I have a passion for photography, despite not having a proper camera. I’ve always captured pictures on my mobile phone. Whats the best beginner camera suited for me?

Martin Godinez says:

Damn I clicked on this with $300 in my pocket.. I guess I'll stick with my phone.

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