Tokit Smart Oven camera Review Xiaomify

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A smart oven with a built-in HD camera? -That grabbed my attention!
Xiaomi Youpin has been selling these for a little while now and I just had to try it out… How good is it? Let’s find out!

The Tokit smart oven has a top and bottom heating element as well as cool and hot air options. When just using hot air the Tokit works quite similar to an air fryer if that is what you’re looking for. So it’s quite flexible.

The top heating element is a Carbon Fiber top heating element with infrared heating that is really quite fast to heat up when preheating the oven. (It took 6 -8 minutes to heat up to 200˚C, depending on the room temperature..)
The oven is a tabletop oven with a 32-liter capacity, which makes it slightly bigger than quite a few other tabletop ovens.

It connects over 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi and can be installed with the Mi Home APP from where you can control the oven. Here you can also load and create presets of temperature and time, even allowing you to have the oven on 200˚ for the first 40 minutes and 160˚ for the next 20 minutes for example. So it’s quite convenient to create presets for certain cooking programs.

The Tokit also has a built-in HD camera that you can use to monitor your cooking process and actually record a video from within the oven as well, which is pretty cool.

Unfortunately, the camera functionality is only available in the “Tokit APP” and not in the Mi Home APP; which would be very nice to see.

At the time of reviewing the Tokit oven, it is only available in China and as such it only works using the China Mainland server in the Mi Home APP. But I have been told they will be releasing it internationally this year. So hopefully this oven will be available near you sometimes soon!
(I am not 100% sure if it will work with the Mi Home APP on the EU servers when launching outside of China though, but we’ll have to wait and see…)

I really do like the Tokit. It’s very nicely designed. It does exactly what it needs to do and has a few cool features like the advanced preset creation through the APP and the monitoring and time-lapse features with that HD camera. -Not just to monitor how your baking process is going, but if you happen to run a cooking show, or have a lot of cooking videos/photos on your social media it could give you a pretty cool new perspective. Literally…

Depending on your budget; it is not all that cheap though. It goes for around 425 USD (in China) so it is likely to cost a bit more when launching globally. It’s not THAT much for an oven, as your phone might probably cost more, but it does look great, works great, and.. well.. it has WiFi and a built-in camera. -What more could you really ask for in an oven, right?

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Javabasily says:

So this is basically like the June oven. To be honest I would rather spend extra $76 on the June oven

Sakki says:

Can we use it as airfryer also ?

sol man says:

The Panasonic Flash X Press has dual infrared elements at $120 USD if you can live without the Smart features

songdermanjeram says:

Really interesting video,keep going making video k.

FrostBug says:

Jesus Christ, like what's next Xiaomi? A smart gas stove? A refrigerator or even a dishwasher? Lol

Lapis Wolf says:

Is there a Mi Home app for iOS? You showed the app in an iPhone.

Matias Forti says:

love your videos!!!!

Gabby Tech says:

that applie pie looks so nice ;D

World Sagacity says:

details should be side by side.. like previous videos.

eng. Vasil Domuschiev says:

Is sounds and look perfect. But very very pricey.
I want one, but again for that price (in China not least) it is too hard to swallow. Add $100 more and you could buy your self (if needed) much bigger, nicer and functional kitchen oven without the camera function (which will be used only the first doesn times ).

J Hansen says:

I want one badly, brilliant to sit down and watch a movie and keep an eye on your pizza at the same time

Ted Thomas says:

Come on, I think everyone wanted to see your baking process!

CatONfire says:

The channels name is Xiaomify and you have an iPhone. Wow

Ubaidullah Nabi says:

Having a smart oven is useless. This is simply more resources for the government to spy on you

Archie Wei says:

Better sells change it’s name to Air fryer.

Alessandro Mencarelli says:

Love your videos!

Normu says:

That's really cool. So you didn't mention it so I'll assume the answer is no, but does it have a feature that you can enable to detect what food you're cooking and suggest a preset like for example The June Oven does?

AkoTo Marjon says:

Man, this is like a dream

Exzo Bree says:

I guess it's good for baking/cooking channels!

Zhou新 says:

I think this is specially made for food bloggers. The price of an electric oven in China is about 20 US dollars

Димитър Клатуров says:

2:45 you got me there 🙂

Aural Penumbra says:

What more could you really ask for in an oven, right? at that price, it should do microwave too.

Manu says:

No no no no no sorry but those croissants are the nastiest I ever seen 😂 Like WTF, and it's not just because I'm french, but seriously try to do some real puff pastry, it's long but not that hard to do (plenty of videos on Youtube), and once done the result is amazing….. and also I bet the timelapse of the cooking would have been so much better….

Daniel Gómez Corona says:

I sure hope they launch internationally soon, I'd love to get this for my room

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