This is the iPhone SE 2

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Is the iPhone SE 2 a new iPhone or an old iPhone? You decide.

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Unbox Therapy says:

Let's play a game… Is this a new iPhone or an old iPhone? You can't say both.

Lmao Trash says:

My iPhone 6+: has to be reset every 10 minuets because it completely freezes and the back camera doesn’t work, just uncontrollably shakes
Me who doesn’t have the money to buy a new phone: Ehhh I don’t want the SE because the display is too small👀👉👈

Poras Saini says:

I have a hand that can handle big phones but prefers a small form factor.

Fajrian Rian says:

Sedih aku nggak ngerti 🙂

Naqqash Uddin says:

Saw your video for the first time ever and to be honest, the real message could have been said in less then 3 mins while you took 13 mins. That’s 10 mins of total crap. Never gonna subscribe

Toys Kids says:


Jayshree Amrute says:

Overacting! That's the one word for this video.😂🤣

Hal Conlan says:

I got iPhone 6

Virupaksha nadagouda says:

What's wrong with this guy?…… he's going nuts! Dave Lee and Marques Brownlee are the best.

Shaikh Faizan Ahmed says:

I hate the Design …

X3mdain says:

This video makes me want to downgrade from iPhone 11 to SE 2 Haha. Good content always 👍

Itz_K3lly says:

Bruh this guy was emotional 🤣

Albany Demo says:

Sorry when did $399 price point become the "budget" price point?

-Vance- Dun says:

OnePlus said never settle yet here they are expecting us to settle for missing and downgraded features in exchange for EVEN MORE CASH 😔

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