This Gadget Does What?

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Welcome once again to the weird zone of gadgets.

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Adr Torres says:

Why do unbox therapy videos have no ads?

Alex Jernander says:

Let's hope they work better than the Bass Egg that you reviewed before. I bought one and a few months later it stopped working. All it does is make a faint clicking noise. I tried contacting the manufacturer and the website was taken down. But the concept is brilliant. Wood, glass and automobiles are the best.

aB says:

I thought Lew was gonna stick it on will when he called him.

Jayent Gajway says:

It is amazing

GhostN07 says:

where do i get one of these lol

Ty Nguyen says:

It a cool toy


Hi bro can u say that name of the product

Ghost-Roaster says:

might actually get this tbh

HeadshotDisorder says:

stick them to your chest

Kyle Seselee says:

I need this for my table lol

Krazor oo7 says:

If you have 20 can you do all 20

SAM GH says:

03:14 song plllllllllllllllz

Jorge Gutierrez says:

You had me sold till 90$

Forensic1Man says:

You need more dogs!!!

Aditya Reddy says:

Wow What a weird Product. Sounds Amazing and how it is became Awesome Product bro🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

dee sheppard says:

Aaaaaa otis and his wee friend aaaaaa

Adam C says:

Thought it was the thunderfuck

Jacques B says:

take my money!


Attach it to your head.

Dr Zonnked says:

Can you buy these yet?

MistakenMedia087 says:

Why did i expect around 20 of those speakers to just appear in frame? That would have been badass lol

Mhel Ian Tanedo says:

Please review the xiaomi mi 9

mike hunt says:

Are you related to fred Durst

Alan Kelly says:

Where can I buy this?

Tytus Nezluk says:

Where could you even buy this thing?

Astin Chang says:

Attach one to the door and simulate the fbi breaking in

Shelby S says:

Wait, so where can we get this?

azhagappan balu says:

We can hear the bass😱

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