This Camera Slider Changes Everything – Rhino Arc II Review

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Today I review the Rhino Arc II Motion Control system. This is hands down the best camera movement tool I’ve used yet! Save 10% here:
Available on B&H:
The new Rhino Arc II Slider is a full 4 axis motion control system that includes a motorized head, slider and focus motor. You can easily control the slider via an app or with the built in joysticks.

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AnotherTekGuy says:

Soon as he said $2600 ✌🏾💨

Alpha Gamma Dingdong says:

Starts watching

"….. the 2600 dollars I spent on"


DC Studio says:

You ca actually lock one axe and use only the other you want. Look in the app for it and they got a video on the channel explaining how to do it

Arkitect Fitness says:

Buys new Konova Slider for $250
sees title of this video
"goddamnit! A new better piece of gear!"
"So this $2,600 slider"
"lol nvm"

Lycan Visuals says:

cries in part time student

John Wayne Maderos says:

No one is going to pay $2,600+ for a brick.

I would have bought this a year ago if the price wasn’t absurd. There will be new ones half the size in a year. Unless you’re a pro, you’re not buying as a consumer when you can buy an entire computer or drone for that price. These companies need to take their pricing seriously. This is an accessory, no one is paying same price as their camera body, for a damn accessory that’s used on niche shots.

Even if they took $2,000 off and sold it for $600, I would be jumping at it.

You can’t tell me that thing cost more than $150 to make. I’m not paying for R&D.

They would rather sell 500 of these to Pros instead of selling 5,000 of these at consumer prices.

chance field says:

Will this link save 10% on the rov pro?

Snuggs Stovall says:

"surprise face" Thumbnail for recent videos is 2016 level CRINGEWORTHY.
Still love the videos. But you been on YouTube too long to look like a crypto trader from 2016. What's next? Duck lips on IG? #Respectfully

Ferhan Khan Photography says:

And what about the original arc?

Joey Alford says:

This thing is sweet but I think I’ll still stick with my ROV slider

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