This Camera Costs HOW MUCH?! – 8K RED Weapon Unboxing, HOLY $H!T Ep. 17

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We just spent an astronomical amount of money on some RED cameras. Watch Linus flip out as he figures out just how much they actually cost…

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Red Light says:

When a camera cost more than your car, PC and all your furniture combined and doesn't come with a battery.

Elliot Holbrook says:

Would you like walls with your house?

Marthijn says:

That battery is more worth then my game pc🤯

Josue Huasupoma says:

RED, The Gucci of cameras.

Uncle fist man says:

Censored out shit but not blowjob

Josue Huasupoma says:

Weird flex but ok.

Some One says:

88k for the accessories and 50k for the camera WTF

A.R.M.Y says:

The red camera was made by EA

Andreas says:

Why did you just order one?

Produced By Main says:

this is me complaining about my teachers.

Setia de Meow says:

4:05 to 4:28 im crying

DarklordDax says:

Linus is mad af

Ethan Dallmann says:

10:58 thats wet

Sage Media says:

idk why hes complaining so much, if you can afford it you buy it, if you cant dont. they obviously can considering they bought 2, kitted it out and bought proper editing parts…..we all know its expensive.. comes off a little ungrateful

The Ultimate Geek says:

Watch Linus try not to get a brain hemorrhage for 13 minutes and 27 seconds

Awesome Nick47 says:

laughed my butt off

Matthew Hutchins says:

Hey Linus, you calmed down yet? 😉

T!.!.!T says:

138k USD to CAD is 183k

Krutz Nutz says:

Lulz 😂 crazy world…

Pasiu says:

Linus's face got RED when he saw how much $$$ dat camera costs 😀

Konner Konan Smith says:

Holy $h!T bro…. I heard my wallet scream from the other room 😂

Punch 3n3ergy says:

The fact that they can afford it just shows you how much money you can make on youtube

DYNO says:

so basically… the damn handle cost more the my PC

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