ThiEyE i60e Action Camera – Review – [Unbox, Inspection, Flight Test]

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Enjoy my review. You can get the i60e camera here: i60e Cam Black
i60e Cam Silver
Spare Battery

I used the MJX Bugs 3 Drone for the flight test:

I use Power Director 15 to edit my vids:

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Dustin Dunnill says:

This is a re upload to fix the blank audio with music for the flight test. You can hear some camera audio before and after the flight test if you were wondering how the quality is.


great camera

Billy Beecham says:

I just got one of these thieye i60e cams and the video plays fine on the cam but when I try to play on the computer the video is all garbled. Anyone have this problem?

Ian Rice says:

Good stuff as always brother!!! Mine will be here today same day shipping. the thieye i60e that is.

Google Plus Blows Chunks says:

I just learned that my Wimius has zoom! Thanks!

HighDroneJunky says:

What was this recorded in 4K 30 fps?

DrTeknical says:

Hi Dustin, can you recommend a GoPro form factor SportCam that DOES output video during recording for FPV purposes? For that matter, does anyone make an all-in-one HD cam with an integral 5.8GHz transmitter that you can recommend? Thanks!
And Dude!! Nobody, but NOBODY has as cool a place to shoot aerial video as you do!!

Angus Whitehouse says:

Cheers for that review was wanting to see it's +'s and -'s. Another kicked review as always.

BOKI797 says:

Dustin that was a Great Video Review ! Thanks !

Mods&Hobs 101 says:

Nice vid Dustin,seems like a re branded Andoer action cam,it has the same set up screens

Pedro Pérez80927 says:

nice review,What do you think about the sj7 Star action camera?

Ruudy L says:

Way too expensive, same camera with just a different name  4K   and a ton of attachment's    $38

JFVTV says:

If you are uploading a video reviewing a 4K camera, can you upload the video in 4k


??? How come repeat buddy.,??

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