They Call It The Hover Camera…

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Had the chance to check out the new Hover camera. This is a cool folding drone that’s incredibly portable. The Hover camera also has the ability to shoot video in 4K resolution.

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popcornplaya247 says:

Have u tried out the air selfie?

Hagai Geffen says:

Can you throw and catch it like a baseball or football???????

Ethan Hiatt says:

I really like this drone I don’t like its noise or that it’s sensitive to dim lighting but the most annoying part is that they give you two batteries for longer flight time but the battery life is so short that when one battery dies the other is still charging but it overall is an awesome drone!👍👍

muhd syafiq says:

Please make a review of hover 2 please

Sam Kam says:

My comment is top comment bruh

Ich Phan says:

Do a review on the AirSelfie 2….also a drone took selfie

Eric G says:

Dude, when he said "You'll blend up the cat over there!" I turned and looked at my cat… she did one of those slow blinks and I fuck'n died laughing 😂😂😂

Stu Mountjoy says:

1:59 loved the fact that it DID work, nice one! Maybe they should incorporate that into laptops so that when you drop them on the floor, they hover instead of smashing, and slowly make their way to the floor, sitting ready for you to pick them up.

TheCisco415 says:

An out doors review would of been more help full too just FYI

That Guy says:

You mean a drone?

lilgucci rolex says:

How much was the camera drone?

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