The Ultimate Smartphone Camera Comparison.

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Comparing the Android and iOS Smartphone cameras of the Samsung Galaxy S9 / S9 Plus, iPhone X, Huawei P20 Pro, Google Pixel 2 XL, Sony Xperia XZ2. Let’s see which phone has the best camera in 2018!

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Ioana G says:

On huawei you should have used nighmode.. Samsung is bullshit..

Danny says:

Iv been using Xperia all my life, and I admit that the Auto mode is absolutely trash, so I always shoot in manual, and trust me, the photos look so much better than the iPhone and as good as the Samsung

АндрСй Andrey says:

Google Pixel SUPER!!

Brad Singer says:

Can't say I have ever seen a dedicated display in Walmart ,Target or anywhere that is dedicated to Andriod devices specifically for the p20,z22,s9 ,what do you normally see? that's right apple accessories so review all ya want I can go into the dollar store and get a case for my iPhone how bout your p20 s9 z22 I think not.

Yashwant Samdariya says:

Samsung s9+

Naimatullah Nawabi says:

Sony xz2 images is real and the rest of images are deceptive and liars.

The Great One says:

I prefer the iphone x and pixel 2 πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Amna Ashraf says:

Your voice ❀️

G Singh Sandhu says:

Huawei P20 Pro has the Best Camera in overall performance!!

Jaivishal Gohel says:

Arun bhai aapke videos bahot acche hai

Daniel Craig says:


gurbaj sandhu says:

hey boy iphone x and sony xz2 is showing reality.. rest of fake quality

Jayden L says:

Missing OnePlus

Entarteinment Tv says:

iPhone is the best

Odin says:

Pixel 2 & XZ2 are best

reza qurbani says:

I like Samsung. Samsung is the best for me

karuhun jaya says:

huawei P20 Pro Best Camera Smartphone Flagship…………………………..

Diana Morales Cuesta says:

Excellent video!!1

YouTechnoTube says:

S9+ the best

drzoidberg1 says:

You probably don't know but if you switched the P20 Pro colour profile to standard it will not boost the saturation and contrast. It is set on Vivid by default.

Tristan Lo says:

A moment of silence for iphone X users…

Johnny Dwyer says:

Extremely misleading, wheres the U12 plus

Nitin Gajakos says:

U r the copy of MKBHD even body language, gestures etc….

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