The ULTIMATE iPhone Camera Comparison – iPhone XR/XS vs. iPhone 6/7/8

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Looking to upgrade your iPhone? Well, getting a newer camera is always a good reason. But which one should you get? Find out in our iPhone Camera Comparison between all the iPhones since the 6!

Personally, I think the camera is probably the most personal thing on any iPhone or smartphone. Pictures and videos are such power things because it captures this moment in time that you can never relive. Like the first sound my son made when I met him.

So which iPhone should you upgrade to?

If you’re an iPhone 6 or 6 Plus user and are thinking about upgrading, the iPhone XR and XS would be both great upgrades. If you’re on the 6s or 6s Plus, you could hold on for another year in terms of an upgrade. Upgrading from the 7’s is going to offer only a couple of features ~that you might notice and anything newer, the average person isn’t going to notice a big improvement. Thinking about upgrading the 8 Plus? You do realize the 8 Plus is only year old right?

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When it comes to picture quality from pixel amounts, you won’t find much difference between the iPhone 6s’s and XS’. Every device has 12 MP while the 6 only had 8MP. You won’t see the difference unless you zoom into the image.

The aperture since the iPhone 7 has been f1.8 which means you get better low light photos and the background of your images will be a bit blurrier.

When it comes to low light photography, the iPhone XR and XS do have a better sensor but you have to work hard to see the difference. From our testing, we were able to take photo’s in near darkness which is neat.

The biggest upgrade in our opinion is the addition of the telephoto lenses. We use this feature a lot through out the week! With each new iteration since the iPhone 7 Plus, Apple has added more features to the Portrait mode, including Portrait lighting and manual focus (after the photo is taken!). Quite impressive.

The only thing to note with Portrait Mode on the iPhone XR is that it will only take photos of human subjects whereas the dual lens setup of the iPhone XS allows for portrait mode of any subject.

Flash has been improved with the Quad-LED Slow Sync flash on the 8’s and newer. Photos taken on these devices in low light settings will be better exposed (less zombie like shots).

Action shots will be better on the iPhone XS’s (bigger pixels and sensor).

The front camera has been updated since the iPhone X with the inclusion of the TrueDepth camera. Portrait mode on the front facing camera is quite spectacular and unlike Portrait mode on the rear camera, isn’t missing certain features.

When it comes to videos, every device will shot at 1080p at 60fps. The iPhone 7’s and 8’s shot 4k in 30fps whereas the X and XS/XR’s will capture 4k at 60fps. This isn’t going to matter much except for people who shoot and edit a lot of video (like us!).

OIS hasn’t really been improved on the newest iPhone but depending on which iPhone you’re upgrading from, may have a profound effect on the shakiness of your videos.

Slo-mo video was bumped up on last year’s iPhone’s with the newest devices being able to shot 240fps at 1080p.

Front facing video got a BIG upgrade with the TrueDepth camera last year. The 2018 iPhone’s got an upgrade called “Cinematic Video Stabilization” which means your front facing videos are a little less shaky which is going to be useful for the selfie-monger.

The TrueDepth camera also allows you to use Animoji’s and Memoji’s so if you’re into turning your face into a talking poop, then the X, XR and XS’s might be the right upgrade for you.

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How can I use stage light mono on iphone XR?

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What is your opinion on the best camera for close-up photography or micro photography taking pictures of tiny things, like flowers and insects?

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