The Ultimate Gimbal Review And Comparison

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We compare the top 6 gimbals made for mirrorless cameras and figure out which one is best and also which gimbal works the best with the Panasonic GH5.

Skip to 15:40 for the review of our favorite gimbal, the Zhiyun-Tech Crane.

You can buy this gimbal here:

We also reviewed the Came TV Came Single, ikan DS1, ikan EC1, Feiyu MG Lite, and the Glide gear gimbal.

You can read the full review of each of these gimbals here:


Kshitij Tiwari says:

You are too lazy for a reviewer..

Freddy Mnemonic says:

Great video but NONE of those Gimbals was I interested in??? You should have compared more popular items like Crane, DJI etc.

PG Tips says:

Can you please do us all a favour, you are a very good communicator but please please do your homework before shooting. You are clearly baffled and frustrated by the products you are reviewing, I feel you may not be doing justice to these gimbals, it's like you just can't be bothered. I know you have the ability and you are a good communicator but it's like you just haven't put in the preparation on this one and as a result you are clearly frustrated.

ChunkyJo says:

dude. If you haven't been told yet, GET A CASE FOR THOSE BATTERIES. If you have those out rolling around in your bag, that's a recipe for an explosion. GET A CASE FOR YOUR BATTERIES!!

Zacky Bee says:

You're hilarious…!!😂😂😂😂 I really enjoy watching you struggling with those plates

makalu69 says:

Given up with F-Stoppers – I feel that they only recommend the gear they make the most money from.

herbat1 says:

First test on camera on/off stability proves that you didn't know how to use a gimbal. Walking on straight legs is just a bad technique which causes small shakes on the footage. I did not bother to watch rest of the movie after what I saw in first 2 minutes.

Art Last says:

Well, I'm sorry , but I saw NO difference in that beginning sample, I saw the bounce ( steps) B4 and after the image switch on the G5…

RDS Photography says:

For many of us drone pilots, the DJI brand is very familiar as is the Ronin-S gimbal. Have you tested it? If not … WHY ???

newie says:

you really needed to put gh5 somewhere in your title, very misleading to what your actually talking about

Tkphotography SA says:

it looks like a game,doesn't feel like reality. otherwise this is a nice video, big ups.

Chris Chevrier says:

You think the gimbal at 18 minutes will balance well with GH5 and Sigma 18-35mm art lens?

Just Sayin says:

call me crazy but when you turned on the camera Stabilization, I could still easily see the step movement

Finkle Dinklestein says:

FYI(a year later) its not Zin ..Zhi is pronounced Jerr (rhymes with Fur)

Florian NFC says:

Great info, I just bought the Zhiyun Crane 2 and.. IS a BEAST, with a Panasonic Lumix GH-5 and Leica 12-60mm f2.8 is perfect for cinematic. For travel is quite an overkill, but that is me! :))))))) Great channel and a great way to learn! A HUGE THANK YOU!!!

Live Shots Videography says:

11:10 use a washer to fill the gap

L. FERRER says:

Please use the professional CANON camera next time when doing these reviews! El Cheapo Lumix was not what the gimbal makers had in mind. 'Didn't finish watching… & plan not to watch any more of Fstoppers' uploads. FroKnowsPhoto is more fun (easier) to watch and more informative, too.

Online Gyan Gujarati says:

Give me 1 Gimbal bro

Daniel Vlogs says:

A not so quick-release plate lol

Bliss WKC says:

Thank You sooo much dearest sweeties 💐🙏🏼
You’re such an inspiration ❣️
Stay Blissful Eternally 😇🕉💖

krgrief says:


Angel ortiz Ortiz says:

Dude you're swallowing it's really annoying

Living Walks says:

We've been uploading some natural sound and sight walkthrough's in the uk, so you can view our gopro and gimbal results. Thanks for your video, we've subscribed.

Inori Shizuka says:

hmm 18650's are pretty common lol

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