The ultimate flagship camera comparison : Mate 20 Pro vs Note 9 vs Pixel 3 XL vs iPhone XS Max

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The best camera comparison of the best smartphones. #Mate20Pro vs #Note9 vs #Pixel3XL vs #iPhoneXSMax

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Host: Ershad
Editor: Nitesh

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Mr. Phone says:

We made a couple of errors. We labelled the Slow Motion video as 1080p. And, the Mate 20 Pro has an 8MP camera which is wrongly shown as 2MP in the sheet. Apologies for the inconvenience.

JZ VR says:

Mate 20 Pro has the best cameras and if you choose photo mode instead of portrait selfies come out looking sharper than the Pixel‘s.

JZ VR says:

What a shill Pixel underexposes daylight pics and has yellow colours at night.

Khaja Moinuddin says:

I only dream about this smartphone.

Yukta Kumari says:

I think you didn't captured photos in mate 20 Pro using 40 mp

DeadofWinter321 says:

Pixel and iPhone did really well. The Galaxy Note 9 however…yikes!

Khalil AmK says:

Awesome video

Khalil AmK says:

Awesome video

Wenifel Castro says:

The best is note 9.

dave62782 says:

Overall the iPhone won

Akshay Jha says:

Watching on My mate 20 pro.. 😎😎


pixel 3 😍😍😍

Kumar Nishugyan says:

Mate pro is best

Gurpreet Rai says:

Note 9 best

dharmateja etta says:

I am a fan of I phone xs max🤩😍🥰


For my Huawei mate 20 pro bast

Ravi Teja says:

Thanks for in-depth review.

osx holunman says:

Samsung note9 is the best, it has 3.5mm, sd slot, no notch, stylus, i hate greedy company that cancel features to push people to buy their overprice bluetooth earphone and charger

Alexandru Satir says:

Mate20 pro best

Akash Mondal says:

Mate 20 pro

Rj Chan says:

Xs max user here

LegoStudios says:

You know you can change the amount of blur on the pixel 3 right? It's really easy.

ikhlaq Amin says:

pixel 3 xl camera is best in the world

DevIndian Tech says:

I think Huawei is not good software

Mohaned SIFER says:

Note 9 only

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