The Sony HX99! The MOST UNIQUE 4k Pocket Camera?!

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Today we’re checking out what might be the most 4k unique pocket camera currently on the market. The Sony HX99, terrible name, pretty awesome camera actually.

It comes equipped with the ability to record 4k 30fps AND 1080p 120fps, not many cameras that are even more expensive can do these things.

Is the HX99 worth getting? Lets find out!

The Sony HX99!

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Asmat ullah kakar says:

what sound recorder do use ?

82 WERK says:

is it possible to use a external mic?

workfasts says:

Please video zoom in out to test the focus speed

marc ravey says:

This is one of the worst cameras you have reviewed. The image quality stabilization is not up to Sony standards.Even if it can shoot 120 fps in 1080.I like Sony, just not this one

Rui Guo says:

I feel samsung galaxy , pixel and iphone has much better image and video than this one, sharper but without optic zoom

Rui Guo says:

1/2.3 point shoot, canon sx line is way better

It's My Life says:

Seems great but I just purchased a Zhiyun Smooth 4 and I want to use it.😁

i like fish bro says:

Great content…turns out there just isn't very many camera nerds

Atef Gilly says:

I am very confused! Which one chose Panasonic Lumix DC-ZS70, Sony HX90 or Canon SX730 HS? I like taking pictures and not interested in video and do not know which camera I chose? Please help.

Southmead Lad says:

Most unique? Split infinitive.

jacek szulecki says:

Remember. It’s the MOST unique…🤔

MattieCooper says:

Does it only have a micro card slot?

Mr. OTZ says:

my really old Samsung TL205 (released 2010) use a microsd card .. its different but makes it harder to transfer files to my laptop

JCisJD says:

the audio oh dear ….. is there an audio port ?

Sue Rarick says:

The advantage of shooting in 4k is you can stabilize post and the cropped picture is still 1080. and if not moving save sd space with 1080 which you will use to post video anyway

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